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Video: Angola begs prophet Mbonye to relocate to their country



By Reporter

Prophet Elvis Mbonye is selling like hot cake, not only in Uganda but world over. While some Ugandans could still have doubts about the much admired prophet, the rest of the countries have great admiration for the man of God.

According to a circulating video on Facebook, a one Helder from Angola is begging Prophet Mbonye to relocate to Luanda in Angola. According to Helder, Angola so much loves Prophet Mbonye and also thinks Uganda is not capitalising on the man of God by despising some of his prophesies.

Prophet Mbonye has had so many prophesies and most of which have come to pass. Most notably he prophesies about the 2010 Kyadondo bombings during a world cup final. Despite his prophecies that have come to pass, a number of Ugandans still brand him fake and don’t believe in what he preaches.

Remnants from Angola have now come out to ask Prophet Mbonye t0 relocate to their country since Ugandans don’t appreciate him yet his anointing is very special.

From Angola 🇦🇴 to Uganda 🇺🇬 is it Prophet Elvis mbonye fake? Listing to this one. Share share share……and share….

Posted by Helder Elvis Mbonye on Friday, July 31, 2020

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