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Video alert: Victor Ruz returns in “Wansala”, cries foul for love



By Reporter

Singer Victor Ruz has hit back with an impressive new release “Wansala”. Wansala is a 2 days new release is already enjoying massive airplay an impressive 30,000 views already. In the new song, singer Victor Ruz cries foul for love as song depicts a cheating lover and need to move on and find better.

Victor Ruz has previously done Kako, Kikomando, Ndese Love among others which have all been welcomed and loved by his ever thirsty fans. According to the singer, the first songs where at his entry level and with the new song, he starts a different phase that will not be as previous now that he has mastered the industry.

He has termed new phase as “Going Back where I Left My Heart” and here he has 2 songs so far, Wansala and Tattoo.

Wansala was produced by One Blessing and video by Dave Thymas

Watch video here

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