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Video alert: Lucky Jo teams up with Fik Fameica in This and That video



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By Stuart G-Khast

New and young singer Lucky Jo has set both feet in deep waters with his latest collaboration with Fik Fameica. Lucky Jo who is not even 1 year old in the industry has fast ignited his very promising singing career with 2 prominent collaborations already. First was with Spice Diana in MUKWANO and is now on rampage with This and That collaboration featuring Fik Fameica.

Lucky Jo pace is a very unusual one considering artistes struggle for years before sight of even the slightest beam of their singing careers. The 16 year old has teamed up with Fik Fameica to a fabulous video This and That remix.

Before, Lucky Jo had an original version of That and That but the artiste did not make promotion for it until the remix.

This and That was produced by award winning Nessim and video shot by Sash Vybz, both of known for quality works.

Who is Lucky Jo?

Lucky Jo was born LUCKY JOSHUA IISA on 20th February 2005 and is 15 years old. Lucky Jo comes from originate from KUMI district.

He currently attends GREENHILL ACADEMY and is in senior 3. He is a song writer, singer and dancer.

Watch This and That here

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