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Victor Kamenyo in trouble over stolen music



By Staff Writer

Rapper Victor Kamenyo is in trouble after he was issued with an intention to sue for allegedly plagiarizing a song.

A oneĀ Fattah’s song was allegedly stolen and re-recorded by victor Kamenyo. We have been told that no matter the number of times that the rapper has been warned to stop using the song, he has paid a deaf ear and continued.

Fattah decided to take him to court after several attempts to get a settlement. She is working through Byamugisha, Lubega and Ocheing advocates.

A copy of the intention to sue letter that was served to Victor.

Fattah’s song is called ‘Tuzina Tulumya’ and came out 2 years ago. Victor Kamenyo’s song is called ‘Tunyumirwa’ and came out a month ago.

According to the suit letter sent to the rapper, action will be taken against him if he doesn’t desist from continuing to infringe on Fattah’s copyright.

Two years ago, Fattah through her manager bought that song from Black Skin and recorded it from a one Cyde Pro’s studio. This year, Victor Kamenyo has re-recorded the song at Producer Eno Beats’ studio.

Speaking about the issue, Victor said that the writer is of the song is Black Skin. The rapper who holds a bachelor in Laws degree from Makerere has not commented further on the issue.

We will keep you posted.

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