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Victor Kamenyo in fresh trouble with landlady



By BigEyeUG Writer

Musician Victor Kamenyo is no stranger to controversy. He is now in fresh trouble with his landlady according to our snoops.

The luga flow artiste is said to have abandoned his pad and run away without paying his landlady any coin. His landlady says that she had been understanding and patient with him and was therefore surprised that he had run away.

“Kamenyo nakwewunyisiza nyo Okuva munyumba yange nga tonsibude, ngankugumikiriza corona yoona sikunyeze, ongamba nti njakuleeta otudde wansi nentula wansi nga nange nenkukiliza ngamanyi tosobola kunimba, naye kinewunyisiza nyo nti enyumba ogyononye, ogenze tonsibudde” the landlady lamented to our snoops.

His neighbors informed us that Kamenyo with the help of other four boys used a Toyota Noah vehicle to pack his property and run away. The landlady has promised to involve the police and make sure she gets to the conclusion of this.

This comes just days after the rapper throw in the towel for the Rubaga North MP competitions which he had promised to take part in.

We will keep you posted.

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