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Victor Kamenyo asks fans to also attend Gravity’s show.



Victor Kamenyo

By Isaac Mites 

When people thought that luga-flow rapper Victor Kamenyo would only be rallying support for his Silina Amalala concert, he surprised many when he also asked fans to attend Gravity Omutujju’s Omwooto concert as well. Victor Kamenyo and Gravity Omutujju will both hold their concerts on the same day, this Friday (9th October).

Victor says that Uganda is a country with a big population of over 40 million people with Kampala inhabited by over 3 million people. Both Freedom City, where Gravity will hold his show, and Muganzirwaza mall, where Kamenyo will be, can’t host more than 15000 people each, he therefore believes there are enough people to successfully attend both shows.

Kamenyo further clarified that he has been in the rap game for close to two years and believes it is the right time to hold a concert. He revealed that he has over 100 songs and believes he can hold a concert and sustain it, thus he couldn’t cancel his concert because fellow rapper Gravity had put his concert on the same day with his.

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