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Vamos 256 and Zex Bilanjilanji release the visual of Konkona remix



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The song Konkona has since it’s release has not phased out like any other songs that hit but after a few months, they are off air and finding it having airplay will be a chance. For Konkona, it has kept on airplay ever since the original version made way, thanks to Tiktok.

When the song was doing well on Tiktok, it took a whole month and immediately after that, the video was released by Fenon in a media party held at Cielo lounge. This meant another month or two of video airplay on local television.

Few weeks ago when we thought it was the end of the Konkona chapter, Vamos teamed up with Zex Bilanjilanji and they released an audio of the song. The video for Konkona remix dropped last evening at 8pm. The video was shot by Edrine Paul and the audio produced by Artin at Xtra Nation studio in Makindye.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/NdCGV7F21lY

The video shows enjoyments where Vamos and Zex are on stage performing for a crowd but putting emphasis on one person. Whereas Zex Bilanjilanji is an artiste under Firebase, Vamos is managed by Night Sky Management also under the record label Fenon records.

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