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Upcoming singer Had Con cautions Fik Fameika on his copy cat virus.



Singer Had Con is at loggerheads with fast rising singer Fik Fameika over his copy cat vice. According to Had Con Fameika is supposed to apologise in 2 weeks time else he is collecting signatures from other artistes with the same thinking to sink his career in a yet to be disclosed way.

He said “I hear by on behalf of the new generation warning you Sir about yo increasing destruction of our industry due to numerous copycats grabbed on fellow artists without any permission. So many complains reaching us, about your *invisible ghost hustle* (working small and gaining big) yet real original artists have no platforms. Research has it dat 90% of your music is scooped from both international and local new artists. One may say, *”Namwe mukoppe muveeyo!!”,* but to be sincere that cant promote our industry. We can only diversify with Unique, Original music with modified sound not copycats. On a serious note, *We are giving Fik Fameica 2weeks to repent for his copycats*”

Watch his video here: https://youtu.be/Xepcb8Wif64

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