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By Staff Writer

When most people think of fame, they tend to think of big lights, skyscrapers, picturesque scenery, and the big city. It is only natural to think this way because this is what you mostly see on TV. Most people are never exposed to the rich and famous. They only see an idealistic version of what Hollywood wants to depict them as. Regardless of your idea of fame, there are a lot of actors, actresses, musicians, and superstars popping up from all around the world. Take Uganda, for example.

Jose Chameleon

Have you heard the saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity? There are even some cases where bad publicity is better than good. That was the case for Jose Chameleon. He is such a significant figure because he was a sort of leader. Many followed in his footsteps. Although to say what Chameleon did was unprecedented, would be a huge overstatement. People have utilized the very tactic he used before. It was just that he was the first of his Uganda brethren to do so.

Chameleon made his claim to fame through his hit song titled Dorotia. The song was such a hit because Doroita was a hit. Being a suspected drug smuggler and cougar, Chameleon utilized her wealth, fame, and her wisdom as an older woman to climb the ladder of world recognition. It does also help that Jose is a very talented musician!

Ragga Dee

You probably won’t find Ragga Dee headlining any modern concerts or even on the top billboards, but there was a time when you would have. Ragga has been in the music industry for a long time. He was successful in the industry when Uganda’s music scene was just getting its start. The reason he makes this modern list is that he is still wealthy and recognized amongst his peers. The fact that Ragga got his start in the music scene when it was just a bunch of locals doing shows and building their brands, is why he is on the list.

With his shrewd business intelligence and developed contacts in the music industry, Dee made wise investments. Investments that help grow and expand his fortunes. Today, one can find Dee involved in all kinds of radio stations and music studios, sharing his wisdom and input with the younger performers.

Geoffry Lutaaya

You simply can’t mention the music industry without mentioning Lutaaya. What this man has done for the country and continues to do for the music industry is truly remarkable. Although สล็อตแตกง่าย, if it wasn’t for performers and entrepreneurs like Lutaaya Uganda’s music industry wouldn’t be where it is today.

Lutaaya is such an important figure in the industry because he not only made it in music, but he made it as a businessman. You’ll find that the sensation owns a significant number of businesses in Kampala, one of the more well-known being the Calender Rest House.

Bobi Wine

There is nothing wrong with being rich and flaunting it. Flaunt it if you got it, right? Well, there are many Ugandans that flash their wealth like Bobi Wine. And this is probably one of the reasons that the man’s stock keeps on rising. He is easily one of the richest entertainers in the country, and he makes it more than evident with the world-class automobiles that he cruises in daily.

This is not to even mention the 4 billion home he resides in at Kasangati. Wine was one of the lucky few to get his start in the Ugandan music scene when the competition wasn’t as stiff as it is currently. This is not to say that the man isn’t talented because saying that would be a simple fallacy.

Angella Kattatumba

Finally, to throw a female in the mix. Just because Angella comes from old money that doesn’t mean she isn’t talented or hasn’t rightfully earned her place at the top. Although she came from one of the richest families in Uganda, her net worth has her ranked as one of the richest artists in modern Uganda. She is also currently managing director of the famous Muyenga Diplomatic Hotel.

Amongst her accomplishments one that really stands out and has nothing to do with her fame is when in 2010 she was named the Climate Change ICON of Uganda. Given that Uganda has already lost 30 percent of its wetlands to negative climate conditions, this is an extremely important cause for the people. And Angella has taken the task with poise and grace.

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