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Ugandan Athletes Shine At 2019 MTN Kampala Marathon



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By Staff Writer

The 16th Edition of the MTN Kampala Marathon 2019 has been concluded today Sunday 24th November 2019

  • 25,000 people participated in the various categories of the Marathon including elite runners from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Eritrea.
  • All the runners were flagged off by the Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, The MTN CEO, Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte and The General Manager, MTN Corporate Affairs, Ms. Enid Edroma at the Kololo Independence grounds
  • All proceeds from the marathon will be used to improve maternal health facilities in a Health Centre IV hospital, to be selected in the region.

For the 16th time, thousands of Ugandans and people from the neighboring countries took part in the MTN Kampala Marathon (MKM). Held under the theme “For a good cause”, the proceeds from the marathon will go to improving maternal health across the country.

Participants took part in a full marathon (42km), Half marathon (21km), 10km run and the differently abled participated in the 5Km wheelchair race. The wheelchair race that  was previously held a weekend before the main marathon event was also held today foster inclusiveness.

Special attention was made to ensure every participant has a vest that fits and enables a comfortable running experience. Additionally, this year’s kit came with a phone holder worn on the arm to enable participants to run with their phones.

The Marathon attracted elite runners from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

All the runners were flagged off by the Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, The MTN CEO, Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte and The General Manager, MTN Corporate Affairs, Ms. Enid Edroma at the Kololo Independence grounds.

Uganda’s Phillip Kiplimo who covered the 42km race in 2 hours thirteen minutes and 56 seconds walked away with shs. 20 million. In the female category, Uganda’s Nyakisi Adero who covered the same distance in 2 hours, 41 minutes and 11 seconds also won sh.20 million.

In the 21km race, Jacob Kiplimo from Uganda won shs. 4.5 million having covered the distance in 1 hour 1 minute and 53 seconds. In the females’ category, Juliet Chekwel from Uganda also walked away with shs. 4.5 million after completing the race in 1 hour 13 minutes and 8 seconds.

In the 10Km race, Uganda’s Denis Cherotich fished the race in 35 minutes and 29 minutes, walking away with shs. 1.5 million. His female counterpart, Sauline Chelangat, also from Uganda walked away with the same amount having completed the race in 35 minutes and 29 seconds.

In the wheel chair race, Kevin Mubiru came first while Polline Acayo took the lead among the females. In the Tricycle race, Mohammed Ngobi and Mariam Kasibira took the mantle of the day.

Sheraton Hotel won 3.4 million shillings under the corporate challenge. They will spend this money on a charity of their choice under a registered Non-Government Organization.

Levixone, Fresh Kid, Vinka, John Blaq and Spice Diana among others entertained the crowd.

Like last year, the MKM was preceded by regional runs aimed at giving the sixteen year old annual event a national feel. This year’s regional races were held in Soroti, Arua and Masaka. Proceeds from the races will go towards improving maternal health in those particular regions.

The Regional Runs started in Soroti on 3rd November. Thereafter, action moved to Arua on Sunday 10th November, action has been moved to Arua town. Thereafter, the regional runs will be wrapped up in Masaka on Sunday 17th November 2019 ahead of the main MTN Kampala Marathon in Kampala that happened today.

With an estimated 336 deaths per 100,000 live births, Uganda’s maternal mortality is one of the highest in the world. This explains why for the third year in a row, the Marathon will focus on improving maternal health.

Proceeds from last year’s Marathon are being used to complement efforts by the Ministry of Health to improve service delivery in 5 Health Centre IV facilities across Uganda.

While the regional races will feature a single 10km route run, the Kampala Marathon will feature five routes including; the full marathon (42Km), half marathon (21Km), the 10Km race and 5Km fun run and the wheelchair race.



Position Number Name Country Time Cash prize
1 15194 Denis Cherotich Uganda 00;29;59 Ush. 1.5 Mil
2 22625 Bushendich Mande Uganda 00:30:05 Ush. 800,000
3 15203 Phillip Kipyeko Uganda 00:30:12 Ush. 500,000
4 20319 Kwemoi Salim Uganda 00:30:14 Ush. 300,000
5 22618 Ezekiel Mutai Uganda 00:30:15 Ush. 200,000



Position Number Name Country Time Cash prize
1 17171 Sauline Chelangat Uganda 00:35:29 Ush. 1.5 Mil
2 22610 Lillan Cheptegai Uganda 00:35:41 Ush. 800,000
3 15188 Sharon Chepkwemboi Uganda 00:36:12 Ush. 500,000
4 15190 Phanice Chemutai Uganda 00:36:28 Ush. 300,000
5 15191 Ruth Mande Uganda 00:36:34 Ush. 200,000

21.1 KM


Position Number Name Country Time Cash Prize
1 1708 Jacob Kiplimo Uganda 01:10:53 Ush. 4.5 Mil
2 1640 Filex Chemonges Uganda 01:02:57 Ush. 2.5 Mil
3 1168 Kibet Titus Uganda 01:03:21 Ush. 1.5 Mil
4 1188 Moses Kibet Uganda 01:03:37 Ush. 750,000
5 1709 Isaac Kibet Uganda 01:04:34 Ush. 375,000



Position Number Name Country Race time Cash prize
1 1182 Juliet Chekwel Uganda 01:13.08 Ush. 4.5 Mil
2 1167 Doreen Chemutai Uganda 01:13:09 Ush. 2.5 Mil
3 1643 Dorcus Ajok Uganda 01:14:13 Ush. 1.5 Mil
4 1183 Doreen Chesang Uganda 01:14:21 USH. 750,000
5 1163 Annet Chelangat Uganda 01:14:23 Ush. 375,000

42.2 KM


Position Number Name Country Time Cash prize
1 341 Phillip Kiplimo Uganda 02:13:56 Ush. 20 Mil
2 346 Fred Musobo Uganda 02:15:23 Ush. 10 Mil
3 337 Anthony Ayeko Uganda 02:15:52 Ush. 5 Mil
4 328 Soyekwo Kibet Uganda 02:16:17 Ush, 3 Mil
5 378 Francis Musani Uganda 02:18:03 Ush. 2 Mil
6 334 Daniel Rotich Uganda 02:18:38 Ush. 1.24 Mil
7 338 Patrick Kiptalah Uganda 02:20:29 Ush. 900,000
8 323 Hable Guta Bira Ethiopia 02:20:49 Ush. 800,000
9 355 Alfred Kiptoyek Uganda 02:20:55 Ush. 700,000
10 9 Allan Andiema Uganda 02:21:00 Ush.600,000



Position Number Name Country Time Cash prize
1 342 Nyakisi Adero Uganda 02:41:11 Ush 20 Mil
2 340 Vanis Chemutai Uganda 02:45:42 Ush. 10 Mil
3 322 Kidist Fiseha Tedia Eritrea 02:47:01 Ush. 5 Mil
4 324 Lydia Wafula Kenya 02:49:08 Ush. 3 Mil
5 354 Priscilla Chelangat Uganda 02:49:45 Ush.2Mil
6 26 Migada Caroline Uganda 02:50:55 1.24 Mil
7 399 Omari Doris Kenya 02:52:59 Ush. 900,000
8 376 Rotich Lydia Chepleting Kenya 02:54:15 Ush. 800,000
9 320 Debesay Yohannes Hibret Eritrea 02:55:43 Ush. 700,000
10 318 Eileen Jepngetich Korir Kenya 02:57:10 Ush. 600,000

Tri-cycle Men

Number Name Position
5510 Ngobi Muhammed 1
5019  Abongo Geofrey 2
10174 Suusa Karim 3

Wheel chair Men

Number Name Position
5514 Mubiru Kevin 1
5016 Ocira Richard 2
5020 Ziraba Christopher 3

Tri-cycle women

Number Name Position
5002 Kasibira Mariam 11
5017 Acen Florence 2
5568 Elivaida Abenoyo 3

Wheel chair women

Number Name Position
5002 Acayo Polline 1
5003 Kyalimpa Vastar 2

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Celebrity Gossip

Trouble in paradise? Flavia Tumusiime spotted without wedding ring. [Photos]



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Flavia Tumusiime

Flavia Tumusiime appeared on the NTV 9PM News Bulletin without her wedding ring.

By Our Reporter

Media personality Flavia Tumusiime has been spotted without her wedding ring, sparking off rumours of trouble in her marriage.

The NTV News anchor has got tongues wagging after reportedly appearing without her wedding ring on the 9pm news bulletin on Tuesday.

This comes after she got the rumor mill spinning when she deleted all photos with hubby Andrew Kabuura on her Instagram account.

Flavia who has in the past shared photos with the hubby on Instagram left many shocked early this week after she wiped her account clean, leaving just a handful of her photos posing alone.

While it remains unclear what triggered her actions, sections of her fans are speculating it could have been infidelity in their marriage.

Flavia Tumusiime appeared n the 9PM News Bulleting without her wedding ring.

Flavia Tumusiime is married to fellow journalist Andrew Kabuura. The couple tied the knot in a low-key ceremony held at Kampala Serena Hotel in January 2019.


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Salvado, Alex Muhangi address beef rumors



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Alex Muhangi (L) and Patrick Salvado Idringi

Alex Muhangi (R) poses with Patrick Salvado Idringi

By Our Reporter

Comedians, Patrick Salvado Idringi and Alex Muhangi have for awhile been dogged by rumors of a bitter rivalry.

The rumors were stoked after Salvado started a weekly comedy night dubbed “Just Comedy”, which many industry observers interpreted as move to directly compete with Muhangi’s Comedy Store, also a weekly show.

The two comedians have continued to clash, with a more recent development being their upcoming shows which are both set on the same day. Salvado will hold his Africa Laughs show at Kololo Independence Grounds on Valentine’s Day while Muhangi will on the same day be across town at Mestil Hotel where he will host Nigerian singer Rude Boy.

Despite the clashes, Salvado and Muhangi both insist there is no bad blood between them.

Muhangi said that they are just two people in the same business and can co-exist without beefing each other, likening their relationship to fuel brand companies, Shell and Total as well beverage companies, CocaCola and Pepsi which he says are competing favorably.

“There is no fight between me and Salvado. We are simply two people in the same business.” Alex Muhangi said.

On his part, Salvado explained that holding shows on the same day is merely a coincidence because every one chooses a date according to what makes the most business sense for them.

“Before you decide on a date for a show, you look at many factors like venue and target audience among others. Looking at Valentine’s Day, it falls on a Friday, and therefore this would make a good day to hold a show because many people will be looking to go out,” Salvado explained.

“Two comedians holding their shows on the same day does not mean we are fighting, it is about preference of the day and what makes business sense for you.” He added.


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Comedians launch national association



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Hannington Bugingo

Hannington Bugingo, The Uganda Comedians Association interim President

By Our Reporter

Uganda’s comedians have officially launched a national uniting body dubbed, The Uganda Comedians Association (TUCA).

TUCA aims to elevate comedy to a recognized art form in Uganda while also fostering positive relations with in the industry. It further seeks to professionalize the comedy industry and also secure improved working conditions and other economic advantages for comedians through memberships and collective bargaining.

Speaking to media during the official launch of the association on Wednesday, Hannington Bugingo, the association’s interim President revealed that TUCA was born out of the need to offer support to fellow comedians in times of need.

He explained that deliberations about forming the association started following widespread backlash when fellow comedian King Kong passed away in June 2018 and was not given a proper send off by fellow comedians.

“It is then that we decided to create a unifying body for all comedians to address our challenges and other issues affecting the industry,” Hannington Bugingo added. “We held different meetings where comedians raised their concerns which were used to form the basis for the association.”

The Uganda Comedians Association

The association was officially registered on 16th January 2019, and has for one year been laying ground work in preparation for its launch.

“In the one year, we have been mobilizing resources, networking and finding a way to work together amicably.” He further noted. “We are now rolling out officially, and will be enrolling more comedians and holding workshops across the country.”

While membership is open to all comedians across the country, individuals are required to pay an annual subscription fee of Ugx 100,000/=. The association so far over 30 members who are fully registered.

The interim committee includes: Hannington Bugingo (President), Patrick Salvado Idringi (Vice President), Agnes Akite (Secretary), Timothy Nyanzi (Finance), Ehmah Napoleon (Spokesperson), and Abby Mukiibi (Patron).

Different comedians have expressed excitement and optimism about the future of Uganda’s comedy with the formation an association to help streamline the industry.

Patriko Mujuuka, a veteran comedian had this to say: “We have had a problem with vulgarity in the industry. It is good that we now have a team that can censor what content is being delivered on stage.”

Alex Muhangi, the Comedy Store Uganda Director also said, “the association will help us build the industry by creating platforms where emerging comedians can nurture their talent and grow into big stars.”


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Celebrity Gossip

TV star Sheila Salta joins NBS Television



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Sheila Saltofte

By Our Reporter

Celebrated TV presenter & events emcee, Sheila Salta has officially joined NBS Television.

Salta joins the Kamwokya-based station as the new face on the weekly music live-audience TV show, “Katch Up”. She comes as a replacement for Anita Fabiola who is expected to be seen less and less due to her now busy international schedule.

Salta is expected to make her debut in February when the 3rd season of show finally premieres on Friday, February 7th.

Salta has been on the TV scene since she was 13 years old when she worked on the now-defunct WBS TV’s Teens Club, before returning to work with Magic One & Urban TV until recently.

She will be working alongside Douglas Lwanga, MC Isaac, and DVJ Mercy with the show airing every Friday at 10pm.


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