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Ugandan artistes fear me yet I could help to put them on an international level – Eddy Kenzo



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Eddy Kenzo performs at Freedom City in his Mbilo Mbilo concert.

By Lee Osbourne

Musician Eddy Kenzo has called upon fellow Ugandan artistes to drop their beef and come together to build the local music industry.

While doing an interview on a local radio station over the weekend, Kenzo said that Ugandan musicians should support each other even when the other is better rather than fight each other.

“Let’s support one another, I may not be able to bring more BET Awards but someone else may do it. There is no unity in Ugandan music industry that’s why an artiste releases four songs and the fifth one is a diss song. I’m willing to work with any Ugandan artiste and put him or her to an international level but unfortunately most of them fear to approach me just because their competition is not healthy,” Kenzo cried out.

He added that Nigerian artistes have managed to dominate the continent because they are united and work together as brothers and sisters unlike Ugandan artistes.

The Big Talent boss also requested Ugandan media to stop writing negative information about artistes indicating that it tarnishes their name and spoils their market in other countries.

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