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Uganda Police to ban Golola Moses from Kick boxing.



By Isaac Mites

The Uganda Police under the IGP Mr. Kale Kaiyihura Edward are meant to ban motor mouth Golola Moses from performing in any Kick boxing event in Uganda following the controversy and violence that befalls his fights deeming them a security threat.

This is no surprise. Its true Golola Moses gives fans very high hopes and reaching on the practical bit, he dissapoints and so masses turn rowdy. This has been cited in so many cases but the climax of Golola’s sagas was at a Kick Boxing match that happened over the weekend at Nateete Shopping Centre. Despite Golola winning by points, Romanian Zlotan Paczo had thoroughly disciplined him. Disappointed fans turned rowdy and almost lynched the big talking Ugandan fighter before he was whisked away just to save his life.

And so was the same situation at Hotel African in a kick boxing match against Andreas Nagy and at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds in a match with the skillful Zsamboki who humiliated Golola forcing him to throw in the towel just a few minutes into the game.

From this Police has declared Golola Moses as a security threat and is to be banned from any Kick boxing match. We are yet to confirm from Police about what Goloola Moses is to do in regards to Kick Boxing.

Keep posted to know Golola’s reaction.

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