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UG has the most sexiest babes – Singer Prince Martin



By Reporter

Prince Martin is a fast rising singer on the block at the moment. He started his music journey five years back and is his music is currently ruling the airwaves. We spoke to him about, music, love and life.

First things first, that stage name Prince Martin! Among all names why did you choose that? Are you a real Prince?

Well. I am not a prince. I have no relations with any Kingdom leaders in Uganda but I have been a prince ever since I was born in my family. My family members have always called me a prince. That is how the name Prince Martin came about.

Tell us how and where did your music journey start from?

My music journey started all the way from high school. That is 5 years back. I was part of the school choir from S1 to S6.All the way I met some people that encouraged me to do the music and gave me the hope that one day I will be a music star. When I relocated from Uganda to the UK, I started doing my own music. I have recorded so many songs ever since. That is briefly my music journey.

When was your first  day in studio recording  your first song?

My first day in a studio was way back in 2018 around Rubaga. I recall the very first day it was just horrible for me. Holding the mic for the first time infront of music producers made me so nerveous. But as time went on, I started getting on well with everything and later mastered the art.

And what was that hit song that made your break through?

WOW. My first hit song called Pause came out last year. The song made me go so many places. People started recorganising me and I felt good.

When you heard the song  played on air for the first time, did you feel you’ve finally arrived to your ultimate dream? How was the feeling?

Hahah. Actually when my first song play on air, I breathed in and out. I told myself that yeah, this just the beginning. I need not to be excited. I controlled my excitement because when you allow excitement take over you in the beginning, you may lose it. But all in all I felt so good.

Most of your songs are in English, don’t you think you limit your non speaking English fans, like your local language back here in Kampala?

Actually not all my songs are in English. I mix all langauges. I do alittle of Kinyarwanda, Luganda and English. Everyone is really catered for. I give an example Omukururo gunsintuula. This song is in Luganda and people love it. So I mix all the languages.

Today you’re slowly climbing to the table of men musically, how are you handling the fame?

To me fame is the easiest thing to handle. I have a calm personality. I am too humble for life and I use my fame so well and accordingly. I can actually be moving on Kampala streets as I socialize with people. So with fame, I am so okay.

Who can you attribute your music success to so far?

For now, I can attribute my music success to just two people. That is Atkison, Larry Charly, Brother Mukasa Robert and the other person is John Mary. These people have pushed me to where I am now.

Who has been financing your music career?

Right now , no one is financing my music. I do all myself. I pay for all necessary expenses to bring the music out myself. It is really hard to find someone to finance one’s music before your own.

Lots of upcoming artists are just producing bubble gum music, how different is your music?

Well, everyone has what they love what to do. Personally I love talking to the soul. I do soul love music. Also I am this kind of a guy who does RnB, Raggea music and some afrobeat. So I mix something that makes me different.

What has been your weakest  point in your career so far?

My weakest point in this career is putting my music out. I kept prosticanting.

Let’s talk about life, Apart from music, what do you do in the UK?

Life in the UK is good. In the UK,my first job was I wanted to join the army. I trained and all. But later I made a U turn. I thought twice about my music career. I went to school and decided to go to studio. I work like any other person in the UK to earn a living.

Don’t you think venturing into music is  waste of time?

No, it is not a waste of time. Thought that how people think. So many youngstars have made billions in music. The most trending talent is music. One can successfully do music and earn a big living. Atleast we have living examples in Uganda.

How are you promoting your music while in the UK?

First in the UK, you can only find my music on audiomark, Spotify,Apple Music, Soundfy and other channels but in Uganda, I pay some one to move my music on radio stations and TV. Which is less costly. That is how I operate.

You can’t seperate musicians and girls, how do you handle them.  You look young , handsome and ambitious, what is your take on UG women?

Yes, I know you cant separate the two. But it is all about the mindset. I cant deny Uganda has the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Personally I am now putting my energy on my career. But when it comes to that time for girls, we shall see.

Which Ugandan singer would give it all to have her in your bed? Would you marry a fellow musician? Or Celebrity?

I am going to be honest I like people but when it comes Lydia Jazmine and Winnie Nwagi, I like them so much. But I don’t wish to be in bed with them. I only wish I can have a collabo with them. I have respect for my fellow musicians.

Today we have many broken celebrity marriage in Uganda, the likes of Daddy Andre and Nina Roz, what is your take on this?

All I can say about this is usually it is very hard to make it in marriage when both of you are celebrities. There is always a battle for supremacy at home. That contributes to marriage break down.

Since you’ve a variety of them on your side, what qualities of a woman would sweep off you?

I want some one who is really calm. It doesn’t matter where she comes from. I want a brainy girl, respect and love.

Do you have plans of settling down  and make a family?

Oh yes. I have that dream of settling down and make a good family. If all goes well, I will do that soon.

How has internet impacted the music industry?

Really internet has done so much. Today our music fans get to know us before even we get to sing. So many online outlets are paying musicians. It is a big impact.

In a few last words, how Do you see the ug music industry in the next five years?

The Music industry has blossomed so well. Very many artists have come out and the future is bright. When we continue like this, we shall be far away.


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