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Tycoon Pemba fires back at Kirumira



Tanzanian tycoon Jack Pemba

Jack Pemba

By Staff Writer

Tycoon Jack Pemba has been off the grid for some time following a recent unsettled debt with fellow tycoon Kirumira.

The sports tycoon who was taken to court and a warrant issued for his arrest is accused of failing to payback 1 billion shillings that he borrowed from Kirumira.

Upon failure to pay, he disappeared and has since been on the run with authorities tracking his every move.

Speaking about the incident, Pemba, who at one point was deep in love with Desire Luzinda said that he chose not to pay the money.

He told us that he made the decision following Kirumira’s breach of the contract. Apparently Kirumira gave him the money and took cars from him as security. Things went South when Kirumira hired the cars out for functions and also went ahead to drive some of them around town.

On getting wind of this info, Pemba says he was perturbed and chose not to get the cars back opting for Kirumira to sale them off and get his money back. To prove this, he recently bought a brand new Lexus worth 620 million shillings. He did this to show that he has the money but will not pay him back.

Although he remains under the radar, Pemba who has Tanzanian roots has vowed not to pay the money.

We will keep you posted.

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