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TV personality Kabs Haloha pens touching women’s day message for the women in his life



Urban TV presenter Kabs Haloha did kot let Women’s day pass without pouring his heart out. Kabs wrote warm messages for each of them. Amomg the appreciated women were his friends and family. See this.

“Women are the origins of life .

Today I wish the special women who have been pillars in my life a happy women’s day.

Mom :-you are not just an amazing mother but you are an inspirational woman and a reason why am alive, happy and prosperous today.

Kassami Sheba : You offered your support and always encouraged the little man and above all recognized and accepted my entrepreneurial self thank you for having been a great woman and a supportive friend.

Rahma Saeed Ally :- A great friend ,the one we sit down and joke about literally everything this lady brings joy to my strong heart and she literally often makes me feel a better person each and every day she keeps me feeling on top of my game.

Tina Wamala :- The only corporate cooperative woman I know. Tina is arguably the most relative woman in the world i can literally run to her at any time with my astounding ideas and she will pick my calls or even return them at any look on the phone.

She says she believes in me and that one day i will be a billionaire.

Malaika Laika Tenshi : The glamorous Malaika, fast thinker, principled and a big go getter she has been in my life with lots of ups and downs she has improved me with genuine support and positive criticism i can’t thank you enough but to only pray that you become the woman that you want to be may all your dreams come true.

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