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TV Africa To Get On Air Once Again Very Soon



nkubaBy Tuhairwe Joab

Late last year, the Makindye based Pan African TV station TV Africa abruptly got off air and left fans and viewers wondering what had happened. Some believed the station was cyber attacked because of its strong belief in the African tradition and exposing the white man’s hatred for Africa and its people.

It was later on discovered that someone neighboring this station, with the help of his native country worked tooth and nail to fail the station by placing several cases against it that would provoke blocking it hence getting off air.

Mr.Paul Cockriel spent millions and millions in court to sabotage the building of a mask at the home ground of TV Africa, however, his efforts have been futile and apparently the management is collecting a sum of 650 million shillings.

The President of Uganda requested the management of TV Africa to hit the air waves again and start by showing films that depict the many wars Uganda has fought.

The station shall begin with the wars the British fought to steal Uganda, and then wars Arabs fought to steal our people and take them to their death and destruction.  They will also look at the Africans in the first and Second European Wars, then the struggle for Independence, the War with the Kabaka, Amin Wars, the Tanzania-Uganda War, the Bush war and the Economic War that Uganda has to fight.

By the time the new mast starts its work, areas of Kampala, Entebbe, Ssese Islands, Masaka, Luwero, Gulu, Mukono, Mityana-Kyegegwa will all be receiving the signal even better than before.


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