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Transact and Win with Airtel Money!



Airtel money

Telecommunications provider, Airtel Uganda has unveiled a new campaign aimed to increase convenience as they carry out their Airtel money transactions. Dubbed ‘Airtel Money Peer to Peer (P2P) transact and win bonus campaign’,it encourages customers to deposit money on their Airtel Money accounts in order to carry out their transactions instead of having to search and find Airtel Money agents to make the transactions for them.

This is what Airtel Money Director at Airtel Uganda, Mr. Paul Langlois had to say about this new campaign.

Q1: What is the Airtel Money Peer to Peer (P2P) transact and win bonus campaign?

The Airtel Money transaction bonus is to encourage customers to deposit money on their accounts to transact from one person to another instead of using the Airtel Money agents to make the transactions for them.

Q2: How much bonus will the customer enjoy?

100% of the transaction charge. For example if the transaction is worth 2200/= you will receive 2200/= worth of airtime back.

Q3: How does the customer get the bonus?

The customer makes a transaction and they automatically receive airtime worth the value of the charge of the transaction.

Dial *185#, select send money, enter number, enter amount, enter your Airtel Money PIN – customer gets a confirmation message.

Q4: Which customers are eligible for this offer?

All prepaid customers that use Airtel Money to send money to other Airtel money customers are eligible for this offer.

Q5: Can I use my bonus to make calls to other networks?

No. this bonus is strictly for Airtel to Airtel Calls.

Q6: What takes priority, my bonus, my airtime or a bundle I have subscribed for (ILD, KIKA)?

Bonus Airtime takes priority over all the other DA accounts and main account balance and will be taken off first for any voice call made.

Q7: What can’t the bonus do?

Bonus airtime cannot be used for SMS, data, VAS, any bundles, Malako and Me2U. It is strictly for calls.

Q8: How can I check for my bonus?

Simply Dial *170#

Q9: Do I get a confirmation message the bonus has been loaded?


Q10: Can I send me2u from my bonus?

No, bonus airtime cannot be used for me2u

Q12: Will I be able to send SMS’ to all other networks using my bonus?

No, bonus airtime cannot be used to send SMS.

Q13: Can I use the bonus whenever /any time?

The bonus should be used before midnight of the transaction day.

Q14: Do I get a bonus on other transactions?

No, only peer to Peer money transfers get you bonus.

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Jubilee Insurance unveils club for mothers



Mr Deepak Pandey, the CEO Jubilee Insurance addresses guests during the Jubilee Mum’s Club launch held at the Kampala Serena hotel on Tuesday.

Mr Deepak Pandey, the CEO Jubilee Insurance addresses guests during the Jubilee Mum’s Club launch held at the Kampala Serena hotel on Tuesday.

By Our Reporter

Jubilee Insurance has unveiled a platform where all mothers; aspiring, new and active can freely share about their maternal moments at all extremes of the motherhood journey, from the hurdles to the treasures.

Dubbed the “Jubilee Mum’s Club”, it is expected to bridge the information gap by providing expert information for expectant mothers as it opens up the floor for mothers to engage with doctors, midwives, gynecologists, pediatricians, fitness experts, and various specialists on all topics concerning pregnancy and puerperium, care of the family, parenthood, and the mother’s general health and care, through articles, social media platforms and monthly gatherings for the mothers.

During the launch, the Jubilee Insurance CEO. Mr Deepak Pandey addressed the mothers, doctors and various specialists saying, “Motherhood is a beautiful journey that all women are privileged to walk. And so, to emphasize how precious this journey is, Jubilee Insurance is making sure mothers lack for nothing as they prepare for their little ones. There is no need to take this journey alone, we will hold your hand to the finish line with an extra set of hands.”

“The Jubilee Mum’s Club is part is driven by what’s at the core of our hearts as Jubilee Insurance; Customer satisfaction and well-being to combat maternal mortality and morbidity. For mothers under Jubilee, a 360-care package covering Ultrasound scans, pregnancy tests, blood tests, baby monitoring kits, doctor/midwife consultations and follow-up, training sessions, and a variety of vendors with the best mother-child care products await.” Mr Deepak Pandey added.

Jubilee is partnering with Surgipharm Uganda Ltd, Indulge Maternity Spa and Gym, Lato Milk, Mukwano Industries Uganda, Madrasa Early Childhood Development and Mickey kids collection to provide quality services to the mothers in the club.

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MultiChoice Uganda premieres two short films



By Staff Writer

Multi choice Uganda last week on Friday premiered two short films.  The two films, “Promise” and “Ensulo” were premiered at the multi choice head offices in Kololo. Each of the one hour films were created in Kenya and will be showing on DSTV, Pearl Magic channel 161.

According to Joan Semanda, PR and communications MultiChoice said the premier of the two short films were in line with both DSTV and GO TV showing support for the Uganda film industry. “WE also encourage young students with passion in film making as either film directors or actors to pursue career as we are here to support them.”

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Ugandan cosmetic line, Minama launches new skin care product



By Our Reporter

Ugandan beauty and cosmetics brand, Minama has released a new skin care product on the market.

The brand’s C.E.O Afsana Pey S.K has announced the release of its Minama skin oil, which goes on the market today, in Uganda and across the continent.

“Minama skin glow oil has really helped many of our clients and myself, particularly for ailments like Acne, blemishes, black spots, scars etc. It also clears your skin and leaves it glowing with that beautiful shine,” she explains.

When asked what was her motivation for setting up the skin care line, Afsana explains that she suffered with skin issues for a long time, and being as there weren’t many solutions available on the market, she decided to start up her own skin care line, whose many other products include lotions, soaps, creams and other cosmetics.

“I know first-hand how bad skin can affect you, especially your confidence, so I started the line to help others and myself. We have more products launching in December, and we can’t wait for all our clients, old and new to get their hands on this skin oil,” she concludes.

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