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Top Three Ugandan Video Bloggers (Peng Peng Tops List)



By Ian Ortega

When Youtube came around, it gave many the ability to build brands they could have never built in an easier and faster way. These people who embraced the notion of Youtube became the Video Bloggers commonly known as Vloggers. So this time round, we bring you our very own crop of Ugandan Video Bloggers.

1. Peng Peng

His Youtube channel is known as “Peng Peng Peng Vibes Pro.” He always says it as it is, talk of calling a spade a spade as he updates his subscribers about the happenings on the Ugandan entertainment scene. He has made as much enemies in the same proportion with which he has made friends. He has 1954 subscribers and his videos receive an average of 600 views. He is currently the top Ugandan Vlogger as far as the entertainment scene is concerned. He’s kind of inclined in the favour of Bebe Cool. Peng Peng is based in Sweden.

peng peng

2. Ashburg Katto

The self-proclaimed Bobi Wine fanatic is one of those Ugandan Vloggers that gives constant updates of the music concerts around the country. In one of his videos, he brought us a short clip of what happened behind the scenes at the Private Party in Venom where girls strip to entertain club goers. He averages about 100 views per video and has 59 subscribers. Katto is based in Uganda.

3. Snoock Ditected

When one watches Snoock’s videos, one gets a feeling, he’s trying to copy Peng Peng’s rabid criticism style. Unlike Ashburg Katto whose concepts are original, Snoock is yet to differentiate himself and show amazing originality. But all the same, he’s the third best Ugandan Vlogger at the moment. The Netherlands based Ugandan Video blogger is at an average of 80 views per video he posts and has only 9 subscribers to his channel.


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