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Top five celebrities who will end up like Jackie Chandiru if they don’t leave drugs



By BigEyeUg Team

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While as musician Jackie Chandiru is rotting away in Bunamwaya rehabilitation centre for abusing drugs, several other celebrities are busy glorifying and using dangerous substances that could see them end up like her. We have a list of the top five celebs who should quit now, or risk suffering Jackie’s fate.

Number one is a male singer who recently slapped his manager in public for a simple reason. This dancehall star has been seen in many clubs and bars smoking his lungs out. Sometime he is doing marijuana and other time shisha. We are not sure if he injects himself with methane and other drugs but the end could be near for him if he doesn’t stop soon.

Number two is a singer who recently cut off all his hair to get a new feel and look and also rebrand himself. Sources close to this singer say that he doesn’t eat much but always has a bottle of liquor in his car and a starch of weed. Sources reveal that this singer could be doing other drugs secretly given that his body weight has been dwindling overtime. If he doesn’t stop, the end is clearly near.

Number three is a leading female artiste who has made it to the top thanks to great management. She is always at Casablanca smoking large amounts of Shisha and drinking hard liquor. This singer seems not to give a damn about what people say and has also been seen with her very close girlfriends at her apartment having fun on the balcony with different substances. If she doesn’t see the light early enough, she could be another Jackie in the making.

Number four is none other than Kamwokya ghetto man _____. This one is even believed to have a weed garden somewhere in Kampala. He glorifies herb and has an army that takes all sorts of crack, marijuana etc. This singer seems to be in control of his life, meets up with big politicians and the Police but if he doesn’t check his consumption and end drug use, he could be headed for disaster.

Number five is a singer who recently said that she had quit music. The singer who has been to rehab before says that she quit although close friends intimate to us that she is still a heavy drinker and sniffs dangerous substances a lot. The only way to avoid ending up like Jackie for this female rapper is to stop.

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