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Top fashion designers showcase at the Hot Pink Fashion Show



Hot Pink Catwalk Charity Show

By Our Reporter

The Hot Pink Catwalk Charity Show, a one of a kind fashion show that shines the spotlight on persons with disabilities, attracted Uganda’s top fashion designers as it returned for its 3rd edition. The annual event which is organised by Malengo Foundation, a local NGO propagating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, was held at Terrace Bar, Victoria Mall in Entebbe on Saturday evening.

Hosted by media personality Malaika Nnyanzi alongside albinal Martin Lubwama, some of the collections that highlighted the evening included a showcase from Kongo-liro whose “Waste for Value” collection featured outfits made out of recycled household items; Jerome’s collection which was inspired by light and consisted of outfits ornamented with lamps; and  Cissy Nagawa’s collection which was themed “Standing for disability rights” among others.

The event ended towards 10pm with an All-Star showcase featuring 10 top fashion designers that included K. Rafeal, Eguana, Paple Rayn, Martha Jabo, Muyomba, NFKA Clothing, Beryl Couture, Kais Divo collection, Kas Wear, and Kori House of Couture & Design.

Hot Pink Catwalk Charity Show

Walking the runway was an inclusive cast of models who included able-bodied persons doing the catwalk alongside blind persons, amputees and albinos.

Meanwhile, revelers were also entertained by a dance outfit of persons with disabilities who performed a dance routine that incorporated breakdance and salsa moves, eliciting a standing ovation from the crowd.

According to Michelle Omamteker, the Executive Director Malengo Foundation, this year’s Hot Pink Catwalk Charity Show was aimed at drawing attention to the social rights of person with disabilities.

“Social inclusion is just as important to the overall inclusive development of persons with disabilities as is any other form of inclusion such as political or education inclusion,” she stated. “Social inclusive development is not a luxury, but a basic human right that every human being, regardless of disability, should enjoy.”

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