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Top 5 Ugandan Music Artistes Who Buy and Sell Collabos



By Ian Ortega

Did you know that if you had enough money, you could sing with any music artiste in Uganda? Well, we bring you the retailers and wholesalers of music collabos in Uganda. This is the full list.

1. Leila Kayondo (Buyer)
Since the year began, she has not had a collabo which she did not pay for. She paid for the Chameleone collabo, and she has just paid for the one with Goodlyfe. We are just wondering when her payments will pay off, because majority of Kampala people don’t know about her, and the reason we write about her is because she looks to be the kind of girl with a bright bedroom eclipse judging from the looks.

2. Chameleone (Seller)
This one owns a wholesale shop for collabos. As long as you have more than 5million, you can be able to buy any collabo from the Leone Island boy, sorry, man. He now has branches in East Africa where one can buy his collabos.

3. Bobi Wine (Buyer)
This one is an international trader. He imports collabos, which he buys from Jamaica. He is the leading buyer of collabos from Jamaica, followed by Chameleone who also bought one from Konshens but he never finalized payment that’s why the song has never been released.

Bobi-Mr. G
4. Goodlyfe (Sellers)
They just sold a collabo to Young Zee and also another to Leila Kayondo. Others are still on the waiting list. They sell their collabos at 8million and above since you have to pay the manager and the two men.

Radio & Weasel
5. Zari (Potential Buyer)
She has the money to buy a collabo, only that no one is willing to risk their career by selling to Zari. Zari is clear proof of bad songs happening to bad people. By selling her a collabo, that will mark your downfall in the music industry, we only hope Master Blaster gives her a chance.

Soon, we shall bring you more Ugandan music artistes who are in the business of selling and buying collabos. For now, it seems only Bebe Cool is the clean one, he is so proud to buy or sell a collabo. Even when he’s broke, he will never sell a collabo, but he’s always charmed to offer collabos to beautiful ladies with nice voices (Rema and Irene Ntale can testify).

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