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Tiktok king Pallaso spearheading Hamz new video sharing App campaign



By Reporter

As it has always been easier for a public figure say, celebrity and/ or artiste to drive a campaign given their massive following, singer Pallaso has exhibited his aggressive drive to popularise Uganda’s new video sharing App, Hamz, a video sharing App by Ham enterprise.

Not to be forgotten, Pallaso was one of the first Ugandans on TikTok and went a head to popularise it leave alone having one of the biggest followings on the platform.

His aggressive nature has driven him into fight to introduce and popularise the new Ugandan App. With no doubt, he is one of the few Ugandans to be active on the App even before it’s official launch and already gathers a sizeable following.

Corridors have it that the singer is in close touch with Hamis Kuggundu, Hamz App proprietor and could be a huge force in making the app popular given his love for internet, invention and the App in particular. “Pallaso doesn’t care to tell whoever he gets chance about the App, he is dedicated to making it popular” a close pal to the singer told the website.

About the App

Hamz is a short form video sharing App developed by Ham Enterprises, a private company based in Uganda, is swiftly gaining an extensive user base and it’s videos are abruptly all over the internet. The App can allow you create and watch videos, Hamz is a short video streaming platform created to stream local Content, promote talent and also keep stress away from people.

You can now download the App on IOS and App Store.

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