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The Story of A Rising Star: Maro (@Marovocalpolice)




MARO (@Marovocalpolice) from the most despised tribal groups in Uganda, Busoga, born Magada Ronald, on the 7th of may 1987. A.k.a “the Prince from the east” has been on the Ugandan music scene since 2010 with a break through being “Toneelaga” ft Mickie Wine of Firebase crew headed by Bobi Wine one of the Uganda music icons.

In 2011 he was signed by Former West end entertainment of Aziz Azion, a prominent R n B artiste in Uganda and released his first single named “Sulabulungi” meaning Good night where ever you are, a song that won him the women crowd. This was followed by the Lusoga (his home language) hit “Biweewo” meaning getting done with something and in this case, getting done with obstacles in love. This is believed to be the first sweetest Zouk, Lusoga feeling of the time. A MUST LISTEN.

In January, 2012,  he left the Westend entertainment and released his love hit collaboration “Baibe” ft Mya of former Blu*3 a womens’ singing crew of the times. This is the song that made him more popular that he formed a label Vocal police entertainment in the same month. Under the label he released a hit single” Genda ewamwe” (Go home), a song that took him places that to the present day he still reaps from it.

2013 was a year of great things, he was nominated at the Buzz teenies Awards and right after a successful concert, in the next weeks, he won the award of Best collaboration [Why ft Ugandan hip hop star Gravity] of the year at the first Club Music Video Award held on the 20th of September 2013.

The latest single “Rising star”, speaks about his journey embedding clips of the awards and the concerts he has been at in the years. This inspires fellow rising stars.

This year 2014 with a plan to take on the continent, he’s got collaborations coming from Zambia, Kenya, Jamaica, etc, The future is bright #musicunitesafrica #uganda #africa #original #african (at Uganda)

Source: musicunitesafrica.tumblr.com


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