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The Powdered Food Revolution in Uganda: How Food Powder will save the Agricultural Sector?



By Innovation Consortium

We have all had those moments where we buy in excess, the result is that the food goes to waste. You buy more tomatoes than you need, and within a few days, those tomatoes start to rot. Farmers face a similar dilemma when it comes to agricultural produce. If they produce in excess of demand, they will be forced to sell at lower prices or suffer with waste. It’s a paradox that never gets fixed.

It seems hope now lies in kickstarting a powdered food revolution in the country. As more and more people become urban, more of our food must become powdered, albeit instant. We already have our different spices in powdered form, what is stopping the same revolution for our onions, our tomatoes and all other African foods?

It’s the last step in the Agricultural sector revolution puzzle. Uganda produces a sizeable number of tomatoes every year. Sadly, 50 percent of these always go to waste. Why? Because of over-production.

Imagine if we kickstarted the tomato powder in Uganda? What if we helped the country transition to the tomato powder? That would also mean opening the agro-processing industry. With an expanding agro-processing industry, we shall also solve the problem of employment for most of the youth. Many will be accommodated in these food powder industries.

And it doesn’t stop at tomatoes, we can do it for the fruits (pineapples, etc). We can do it for our ‘Katunkuma.’ That’s what we are doing at Innovation Consortium. We shall be producing our first tomato powder before the end of 2021. And we shall go full scale in the next 3 years.

Our goal is to design, prototype and produce the most affordable tomato powder making process/plant. The solution should be available to the average Ugandan farmer. Something that can be replicated anywhere in the country in the most efficient way possible.

Do you want to be part of this revolution? Are you a farmer who would like to add value to their products? Are you a top brain that wants to be part of this revolution by contributing to our design and manufacturing process? Reach out to us at Innovation Consortium.

Innovation Consortium


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