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The most classic Philippine drama ‘Brothers’ is landing on StarTimes



By Reporter

If being asked which kind of drama is always popular among the audience in Uganda, the Philippine ones shall definitely on the list. Currently, one of the most classic Philippine drama ‘Brothers’ is going to launch on ST Novela E plus channel of StarTimes since July 1st. Between Monday and Sunday, to meet all the audience on 08: 50 pm.

The story, just as the name told, is about a pair of twins, Ador and Cardo. Ador is a model police officer dedicated to the ideals of service, honor and justice.  He is respected by his community and well-loved by his family and peers. But Ador suddenly disappears in a police operation against human trafficking. His wife, young son and his grandmother are worried, but his superior tells them that he is seriously wounded and recovering in a safe house. A week later, Ador returns to his family and duty.  Everyone around him feels that he behaves differently.  There are events in the past he cannot remember and he does things he is not accustomed to do. Ador’s loved ones try to understand that this is caused by trauma from the past encounter. But what they don’t know is that Ador is already dead.  And the person living with them is his long-lost twin brother, Cardo. Cardo is asked to take his brother’s place to find out who is behind the human trafficking syndicate and weed out some police officers protecting it. While Cardo makes it his personal mission to avenge his brother’s death, he has to deal with old wounds that separated him from Ador.  He also finds himself slowly falling in love with his brother’s wife and finding fulfillment in being a father to his brother’s son. What awaits Cardo when he has to face the truth in the end?

The genre of ‘Brothers’ is about crime, action, and romance, which will attract both female and male viewers. This series is the longest running drama in Philippines. It starts from 2015 and includes more than 600 episodes till now. Its audience rating is higher than many other hit dramas in Philippines and it has earned over 100 awards since its launch.

For a long time we have been providing diversified content hence giving more options to our valued subscribers. The rich in quantity doesn’t mean the loss in quality, the best ones can be enjoyed anywhere else around the world shall always be served here on StarTimes.” said the Marketing Manager of StarTimes, Isma Lule.


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