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Rap And Politics: The Mith And Karamojan Lines Make Light Of Fallen Leaders.



The Mithh

By Moses Abeka

Hip hop may be largely perceived as roguish and anything that comes from rappers should not be treated as shocking. That is the shock absorber. However, 2013 taught new lessons that rappers can be held accountable for their lyrics. American star Rick Ross ‘Date Rape’ lyrics left him facing endorsement deal cuts and it was widely perceived that lyrics would be sieved to avoid financial pitfalls.

However, our industry is still a million miles away from financial implications of lyrics and consumer reactions. With that sense of freedom after speech, Klear Kut rapper Tom Mayanja aka The Mith and upcoming rapper Karamojan have coincidentally released hard core rap songs with glaring lyrics portraying how “bad they are” at their game. The Mith takes on fallen Rwandan president Habyarimana who died in a plane crash while Karamojan takes on SPLA founder Garang who faced similar fate.

the mith

The Mith raps in Go Hard, a new release,”Stack chips and I die fly like Habyarimana”, similarily, Karamojan states,”Am on my Garang, ama die fly”.

The lyrics might have the allure of poetry but the strength of the positions the leaders held is not welcoming. However, few people will get to realise who they are actually rapping about.

“There is freedom of speech but freedom after speech, I cannot guarantee,” those Idi Amin quotes hold no water in today’s society.


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