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The 7 Worst Things About Giving A Bj




Blow jobs: Men love them, and apparently so do women. No, I’m not kidding. According to a study, 82 percent of women admitted to enjoying oral sex. Still, the experience can be better for all parties involved. Though BJ’s are all the rage, half of the women surveyed said they’ve felt pressured to perform fellatio. A young woman from the study even admitted to giving head because “you feel you must do it to impress the guy you like.”

So, yes, we will blow you, guys! But women need to feel comfortable when they’re all up in your junk. To make it less complicated for us to do our job, it’s best if men stop doing the following cause these things are the worst!

When he pushes your face deep in his crotch.

You’re working his pene with your mouth when you feel his hand on your head. Oh, he’s going to stroke my hair, you think. How sweet. Wrong! He’s actually stuffing your face and mouth deep into his crotch. How are you supposed to give him a BJ if you can’t breathe?

That thrusting…

A man thrusting his pelvis when he’s on top? Hot. A man thrusting his pelvis when his pickle is in your mouth? Gag! No, really, it can make us gag. I don’t know why men think otherwise. So, guys, let us suck on your lollipop like the pros that we can and want to be. It’s a job we can handle!

That smell — and is that lint?

“The worst is if it smells funky,” said a friend that wants to remain anonymous. In other words, men need to bathe (front and back) before receiving felattio. Trust me, it’s not just a bad odor that can kill the mood. Once I found some…lint. What the hell is a fur ball doing down your pants, man?!

Long, long hair.

Some men give women flack for not going full Brazilian. I believe it’s a woman’s choice, but we should at least trim our vaginas before receiving oral sex. Same goes for men. Trim your balls! If a woman can floss with a man’s pubic hair, she won’t want to go near his dick.

To swallow or not to swallow…

For some women, swallowing is difficult. We get nauseous, the sperm smells or tastes funky, or a guy doesn’t warn us before he ejaculates and we have a cheek full of his future babies. It’s an individual choice that makes oral sex a little complicated. And messy.

Sore Neck

My neck, my back — no, just my neck! When you’ve been blowing him for more than 10 minutes and he still hasn’t ejaculated, it feels like working overtime. You will be sore the next day. You may even have jock law. Ouch.

Not knowing if you’re pleasing him.

For most women, pleasing their man is of the utmost importance. That’s why many of us give head; you want to pleasure your lover and be the best he’s ever had. A friend of mine admitted that the worst thing for her about giving a BJ is “not knowing how, or being unsure if the man is enjoying it.” And lacking confidence regarding any type of sex is definitely the worst.

Source: Latina

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