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The 7 Worst Texting Turnoffs



Believe it or not, these messaging mistakes have made real guys call it quits. Find out which texting mistakes are major turnoffs:

Using Pet Names Too Soon 
“I personally cannot stand getting a text that says ‘babe’ and ‘sweetheart’ when we’re not exclusive. Such a turnoff!” -Christoph, 25

“When it’s early on and you start using nicknames that I did not consent to, it’s a deal breaker. My name is Steven, that’s the name my mother gave me. She didn’t name me ‘baby,’ ‘cutie,’ or ‘boo.’ Don’t call me boo. I’m not a ghost. Talk like a grown up, or head to Tinder.” -Steven, 26

Texting With a Buzz
“Earlier this year I went out with a girl three or four times. Things were going well, and she seemed pretty cool. One night she was out with her friends and drunkenly texted me, ‘Do you love me?’ I tried to play it off with ‘haha you’re drunk,’ but she sent a series of replies explaining why we should get married and how our kids would look. I was hoping she’d call me the next day to apologize for the drunken messages, but she didn’t. I never saw her again.” -Mario, 34

Texting Without Patience
“Overbearing texting drives me nuts. If I’m texting a girl back and forth and I don’t respond right away, which happens quite frequently since I have a job and what not, and she gets angry over me not answering right away, that’s a texting deal breaker. It makes you seem needy.” -Khad, 25

Source: womenshealthmag.com

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