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Tecno Mobile introduces the new Camon C9 with an impressive camera



Tecno Camon C9 launch

By Our Reporter

With the ever increasing photo sharing apps, comes an insatiable desire for better quality photos. And Tecno Mobile has moved to fill this gap with its camera-focused range of phones. In this line of phones is the recently introduced Camon C9 that has made an impression with its breathtaking camera features.

With the Tecno Camon C9, taking selfies will never be the same again. The Camon C9, unlike its predecessors, has successfully centralized the front facing camera and upgraded it to 13.0MP. The front facing camera can now take panoramic shots of widely extensive fields of view, and also boasts of a flashlight that allows for excellent capture in low light.

This has not made the back camera any less better. With 13.0MP and a dual LED flash, the  back camera comes with enhanced sensitivity, focus speed and low light ability.

The Tecno Camon C9’s other photography features include its advanced face beautification presets which allow one to produce the most professionally retouched photos and is also equipped with a quick snap button to capture every moment.

Besides the groundbreaking dual 13.0MP front/back auto-focus low-light cameras, it also spots other high-end mobile specifications including the all new HiOS V 1.0 user interface (Tecno’s second generation custom UI built on android’s revolutionary Marshmallow 6.0 backbone), an Octa-core processor and supports 4G/LTE. It is also equipped with biometric iris recognition sensor technology that quickly scans your iris to unlock your phone easily and securely.

For an enhanced user experience, one can also acquire the T-Band, a smart band that is packed with the Tecno Camon C9. The T-Band makes taking pictures from a distance easy, monitors your sleep patterns and alerts you when your phone rings. However, the T-Band does not allow for receiving or making calls.

The Tecno Camon C9 comes in three colours—champagne gold, elegant blue and sandstone black— and is already available at all leading mobile device outlets across the country. They are being retailed at a recommended price of Ugx 550,000/-

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