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“Take on the Pearl” lights up Independence Weekend in Lake Bunyonyi with Anne Kansiime, Daniel Omara, Mad Rat & Chiko and trip winner Findlay Adams 



By Reporter

Take On The Pearl, the domestic tourism campaign by Uganda Tourism Board, had a third trip that saw the winner Findlay Adams enjoy an all expense trip to Lake Bunyonyi, Kabale. She enjoyed an action packed weekend which included zip-lining, hiking, bird watching, swimming, boating, island hopping, silent disco, cultural performances and an epic Indepedence Day celebration at the Birdnest Resort featuring entertainment by Anne Kansiime, Daniel Omara, Pulse Band, Shine Omukiga, Mad Rat and Chiko. 

Lake Bunyonyi (‘place of many little birds’) is one of the most scenic lakes in Uganda located in south-western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale close to the border with Rwanda.  Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa, its contorted shore encircles 29 islands, surrounded by steep terraced hillsides. Bunyoni is bilharzia, croc and hippo free making it safe for swimmers. Lake Bunyonyi is popular for its green and lush terraced hills that are punctuated with a plethora of over 200 bird species making it a perfect place for bird enthusiasts. The area is also underlined by various nature hikes, all of which offer more than just nature and pleasure. A sense of traditional culture is also felt during the community walks, since one can get stop overs at the Bakiga Cultural museum as well as the blacksmith sites. For more cultural adventures, one can also visit the village of Bufuka for Batwa and Bakiga experiences.

UTB’s CEO, Lilly Ajarova commented that the Take on the Pearl campaign aims to create awareness and educate Ugandans on the various tourism destinations around the country; with emphasis on What? When? How? Who? And Where to Travel. She concluded by encouraging all Ugandans to love and travel Uganda and enjoy the Pearl of Africa. 

Mechanics for the Take on the Pearl Challenge.

• Look out for the “Take on the Pearl” contest photo on Visit Uganda social media pages every Friday.

• Get people to respond with the name of the place and the reasons why they want to go to that place, for a chance to win the trip.

• People get their friends and family to come and like their comments.

• Correct comment with highest likes by Tuesday of the following week is selected as the week’s winner.

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