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Sweden based Ugandan decent plans to bring music home



Jay Silver, a Ugandan of Congo decent has told the website of his plans to bring his music and career to Uganda. The singer recently released his latest single “Whine for Me” a song that was producee by Nico producer in Uganda.

Jay Silver intends to do most of his music in Ugandavand you will hear about him more often henceforth.

Who is Jay Silver?

Jay Silver is an African Artist who was born in DRC Congo but raised and studied in Uganda. He used to love music when he was still young,he used to both sing and play musical instruments in Church, like Drums and guitar. He left Uganda in 2014 and moved to Sweden and that’s where he is living,working and pushing his music career. But that wasn’t enough for him that’s why he decided to bring back home his music.

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