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“Stop mentioning my name, or else I will embarrass you!” — Ali Kiba warns Diamond Platnumz



Ali Kiba


By Bash Mutumba

Contrary to what Diamond Platnumz keeps stressing to the media, it seems the beef between him and his long-time friend-turned-nemesis Ali Kiba, who is also a Tanzanian musician like him is not just a fake affair hyped by people.

In a new stern Instagram post which was directly aimed at the Wasafi Boss, Ali warned with great Swahili imagery that if Diamond doesn’t cease and desist, he is bound to face the shame of his life.

Kiba was clearly infuriated by Diamond’s comment at the press conference at which he launched the Dar-es-Salaam episode of Wasafi Festival, at which he replied to a journalist who was wondering if Harmonize who has recently quit the record label will perform at the show,
“Harmonize is a child of Wasafi, so he is always welcome. I am pretty sure if his schedule allows it, he will be there. Actually, Babu Tale(Wasafi manager) is in America but is in talks with Ali Kiba to make sure he also performs at the festival.” Platnumz intimated.

This was met with showers of praises from fans onto the Bongo Flavor Star, but all this was short-lived after Ali took to Instagram and captioned a cheeky photo of his with a stern Swahili warning which loosely translates to,
“Don’t act like a Primary 2 kid on me; stealing my pencil and then helping me to look for it. LEAVE ME ALONE! A man usually speaks once, so if you want me to undress you(reveal the skeletons in your closet) and tell the people about the evil you do to me, no one will even come to that festival of yours! Let’s leave it at that, and I wish you a great show.” He went ahead to mention “@diamondplatnumz” which he later edited out of the caption.

This really left everyone amazed, at what Diamond could be doing to Ali behind the curtains, and some Wasafi members just decided to make jokes out of it.

Ali fell out with Diamond over a song, and even though the latter has always shown interest in wanting to solve the issue over the years, the former has always been very reluctant.

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