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Why You Should Stop looking for a Job (And focus on this Instead)




By Jaluum Herbert Luwizza

Youth unemployment in Uganda is the highest in Africa. A recent study, “Lost opportunity? Gaps in youth policy and programming in Uganda”, published by ActionAid, put youth unemployment at 62%, although the African Development Bank says it could be as high as 83%.

Uganda has the world’s largest percentage of young people under 30 – 78% – according to the to the 2012 State of Uganda population report by the UN Population Fund. Worldwide, there are about 1.2 billion 15- to 24-year-olds. About 200 million are in Africa.

In the past decade, Uganda has experienced strong GDP growth, averaging 7% annually, but this has not generated jobs, a trend seen across the continent. Lack of employment is causing some young people to take risks. Last July, 36 young people, who had been running motorcycle taxis(boda bodas), were burnt to death as they tried to siphon fuel from a truck that had been involved in an accident. That’s a scary amount of people focused entirely on job hunting.

Its very okay to look for a job, the only painful truth we all don’t want to swallow is that there are no jobs to cater for that big number of unemployed youths.

Thankfully, I think there’s another way – which is entrepreneurship.

Though I will focus on that other way another day. I will take this opportunity to explain why you shouldn’t be looking for a job to start with.

1. Your looking for a job you don’t even Like.

Yes, very many people looking for jobs are out hunting for a good pay day or jobs that suit their hours. If you are one of those people then am most definitely going to tell you authoritatively, you shouldn’t be looking for a job in the first place. Enjoyment or love for what you do should be at the core of your priorities when looking for a job.

To me this is berserk.If you should be looking for a job then putting in hours of your time in a job that doesn’t offer you enjoyment, doesn’t interest you or guarantee you satisfaction is weird. Sad fact is as a society we look at work as a chore that guarantees you a pay check at the end of the month which in its self is pitiful.

Me, I would never do a job that doesn’t interest me or offer enjoyment because with time I would get bored, laziness would creep in slowly and I would never live with doing some thing I don’t enjoy all my life.

2. Jobs Have Changed A lot

A lot has changed in our times. 20-30 years ago you would be guaranteed a job that would last a life time literally.This is myth in modern times since job security is one of the biggest concerns of the employed these days.

So what am I trying to say? Getting yourself a job is just half the struggle. Keeping your job could be as daunting a task as getting it or even harder due to the high competitiveness that characterizes the job market these days. Even merging and outsourcing by companies has made it harder.

In other words, getting the job is now only half the battle. Being able to keep it can be just as difficult, thanks to the heightened competition and the tendency for modern companies to outsource their work. Then it’s also gotten down to who you know rather than how good you are, for instance if your have been working for that promotion for three years and the boss’s niece just graduated you may as well forget the promotion.
So what does that mean? It means that in today’s world you can not look at a job as the holy grail because you can not solely depend on your expertise alone to get forward. Every thing in the cooperate world is very volatile including your job status.

3. That Isn’t the Job Your Studied For

Most of the job seekers are university graduates or people that hold a qualification of any sorts. Its a very normal scene to see people settling for jobs that have no relevance to what they studied in University for years. Don’t allow to be one of those. Studying a particular subject for this long shows some level passion for it, so you owe it to yourself to find a job that relates to this passion. If that is not the case then you’re not alone.

4. You’ve Waited Long Enough

If you are out there looking for a job as I write this, chances are that you have been looking for a job for quite a while now to no avail.

Every single day that goes by looking for a job is added on the list of unsuccessful list of days that have come before this one.This does not only kill your motivation but it also drains your energy wasting your precious time too.

Am not trying to say that how ever much you keep looking you will never find a job, No. All I wanted to highlight is that those days wasted on unsuccessful applications and interviews are gone and will never be recovered

Of course, that’s not to say that you wont ever find a job, because if you persist for long enough, you probably will. But those days of hunting will forever be lost, wasted on an unsuccessful job application or failed interview.

Its actually advisable to start using this time you’re seated on waiting for that phone to ring or mail to pop in to take action.

5. You Have So Much More to Offer

Perhaps the biggest reason I can give you to stop job hunting, is your potential to offer the world something of real value. I know it sounds corny, but bear with me here.

If the job you end up taking restricts you to inputting data into a computer, or answering a phone, then the world has lost a creative mind. And that’s sad.

You see, we all have something to offer. Our thoughts, ideas, inventions and opinions can quite literally shape the world around us, and with the Internet now more accessible than ever, denying yourself the chance to express that potential is almost criminal.


Jaluum Herberts is the C.E.O of Flash Point, an East African Information Technology Consultancy firm. He is also a co-founder at YOUNG TREPS, a global forum that focuses on helping the youth on their entrepreneurial voyage from brilliant ideas and start ups to financially profitable and prosperous companies.

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Ugandan cosmetic line, Minama launches new skin care product



By Our Reporter

Ugandan beauty and cosmetics brand, Minama has released a new skin care product on the market.

The brand’s C.E.O Afsana Pey S.K has announced the release of its Minama skin oil, which goes on the market today, in Uganda and across the continent.

“Minama skin glow oil has really helped many of our clients and myself, particularly for ailments like Acne, blemishes, black spots, scars etc. It also clears your skin and leaves it glowing with that beautiful shine,” she explains.

When asked what was her motivation for setting up the skin care line, Afsana explains that she suffered with skin issues for a long time, and being as there weren’t many solutions available on the market, she decided to start up her own skin care line, whose many other products include lotions, soaps, creams and other cosmetics.

“I know first-hand how bad skin can affect you, especially your confidence, so I started the line to help others and myself. We have more products launching in December, and we can’t wait for all our clients, old and new to get their hands on this skin oil,” she concludes.

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Vivo Energy donates 15 million shillings worth of school materials to Kiswa Primary School



By Staff Writer

Vivo Energy Uganda, the company that distributes and markets Shell branded fuels and lubricants in Uganda, has today visited Kiswa Primary School in Bugolobi, Kampala and donated school materials and sanitary towels worth Fifteen million Uganda shillings to enhance its Schools’ Education Support programme.

The donation was handed over by Vivo Energy Uganda Managing Director, Mr. Gilbert Assi in the presence of the school community, Vivo Energy Group Chairman, Mr. John Daly, Non-Executive Director, Ms. Hixonia Nyasulu, Executive Vice President for East and Southern Africa, Mr. Hans Paulsen and staff. 

Kampala Capital City Authority’s Director of Education and Social Services, Miss Juliet Nambi Namuddu was the guest of honour at the colourful function that was also attended by the Mayor of Nakawa Division, Hon. Ronald Bamwezo under whose jurisdiction the school is located.

Speaking at the school visit, Mr. Gilbert Assi remarked that education is one of Vivo Energy’s priority areas of community investment.

“We believe in empowering the future generation of leaders by giving them opportunities to learn. We hope that the support that we have given to this school today will in turn lead to improved literacy, better grades and overall improvement of the school’s performance.”

He added, “Vivo Energy Uganda’s Schools’ Road Safety Education programmes have in the past five years trained pupils in over 120 primary schools as road safety ambassadors. Kiswa Primary School was one of the first schools that we approached at the time. We are pleased that this relationship has progressed to the point where we are confident in the abilities of the children to support fellow children to observe safe road practices. We focus on children as the future drivers in order to inculcate in them a culture of road safety at a young age. Children can also be effective in influencing their parents’ behaviour and through these efforts, we would like to win them over first as a way to reach their parents.”

Ms. Aisha Bagaya Ntege, the Head Teacher of Kiswa Primary School commended Vivo Energy Uganda for identifying the school’s challenges and supporting the administration to address them.

“Our school population consists of over 2000 children, drawn from the less fortunate communities near and far from our location. We try our best to manage the existing challenges such as limited learning resources, nutrition, absenteeism of female students due to poor management of menstruation and more. I am delighted that companies such as Vivo Energy Uganda have a heart for the communities around them and reach out to support education. We appreciate this gesture.”

KCCA Director of Education and Social Services, Ms. Juliet Nambi Namuddu expressed her appreciation to Vivo Energy Uganda for supporting education in Uganda: “On behalf of KCCA, that manages public schools in the city, we commend Vivo Energy Uganda for continually partnering with us to make education experience for the children less of a challenge. We encourage like-minded organisations to join us in a similar initiative.”

Adding, “It is a sad reality that one out of 10 African girls skip school or drop out of school entirely due to lack of menstrual products and proper access to proper sanitation according to United Nations Children’s Fund. However, this hindrance to the education of female students is now a priority for the KCCA and for the Ministry of Education.”

Vivo Energy Group Chairman John Daly and Non-Executive Director, Ms. Hixonia Nyasulu are currently in the country on a business familiarization tour of Vivo Energy Uganda.

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Nsenene Ku Beat Event slated for November



By Staff Writer

Ruspolia differens aka katydids, locally known as ‘Nsenene’ is a Uganda delicacy that’s mostly consumed in the months of April to May and November to December.

The lastest is that Striddle Events Africa, an events company has come up with several recipes such as Samosa Nsenene, Burger Nsenene, Pancake Nsenene, Bread Nsenene and Chapati Nsenene which will be exclusively unleashed for the ardent consumers to enjoy whilst dancing to soothing musical beats by our local talents.

Speaking to the press, Sebulime Peter alias Demo Riley the CEO Nsenene Ku Beat, asserted that they were supposed to have this event in May this year but decided to postpone it to November so they can prepare well enough to give people a better experience.

He added that the idea is to promote food tourism and this event thus presents a unique opportunity for Uganda’s vendors, consumers, corporate companies and tourism institutions to celebrate the country’s rich and original snack Nsenene and music culture.

There will be activities like cooking competitions, games, live video mixing, live band, celebrity cookouts and artists performance.

The event which will happen on Sunday 24th November at HillTop Garden, Naguru and gates will be opened at 10am till late. The cover charge is only UGX 10k and children enter for free.

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