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Starmade Official to Bring Rokafela Energy at the Kampala Brunch



Star made is the result of Ugandan and Nigerian blood lifestyle. His entire vibration is large, as you would expect most Nigerians. He talks about music, his dual Nigerian-Ugandan life and how he is bringing all the big energy at The Kampala Brunch.

Who is Starmade?

Starmade is like a movement. It’s a prodigy of finding your true voice and using it. Rufai Waris Olanrewaju is my real name but I go with Starmade as my brand name.

What is your personal style?

I like it simple and casual. It is unusual so I call it “starmade style” or “starmade juice”. I guess it’s just simple and casual because I don’t like those shiny and flashy things but people say I am kind of flashy (laughs) maybe It’s just in me too.

Tell us about your music

My music is my number one thing. I take it so seriously, that in the last year I actually recorded about 64 songs. I love it and music is my passion. My genre is afro-fusion, its Roka Fela style but my sound is very specific since I’m just being me. I just use my real voice.

You are profiled as a Nigerian-Ugandan artist, how did that become

Uganda is like my second home. My recent EP is “Made in Kampala” so I would definitely say Uganda is truly my other home. By the way, I was told me I got nomination for an award in Kenya, but instead of Nigeria, they put Uganda as my hometwon. It’s like that, it’s crazy but Uganda is my home.

What do you think about Ugandan Music, and who is your favorite Ugandan artist?

Ugandan musicians are cool, and Ugandan music is even cooler. I have no doubt that very soon it’s going to take over the world. I’ve got friends like Zex, who I think are doing a great job, other artists like Sheebah are also doing great. Everyone is amazing, I love that Vinka’s strong voice, I love Sheebahs energy and I love how nasty and playful Winnie Nwagi is, she is equally amazing.

What is your dream Ugandan-Nigerian collabo?

Xex Bilangilangi and Zlatan then maybe Sheebah or Lydia Jazmine and Tiwa Savage, that would be dangerous.

How does it feel hosting The Kampala Brunch?

It’s an honor to host the Kampala Brunch. It’s going be massive so if you are sad, come through and our ministry will give you happiness. No bad vibes, good vibes only. I like to be happy, there is too much problems in this world so we have to be intentional on pursuing happiness. Tomorrow is going to be littylit with beautiful faces.

What should we expect?

It’s going be dope, I invite all the party people. We are going pop champaign, and enjoy life with a lot of Fun. For me am a fun person as life is hard, we have to have fun. Make your reservation as I don’t want you to be standing there with your nice outfit without a place to seat. It’s going to be epic, a lot of beautiful faces and rich nigga’s so you better be there or be nowhere.

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