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Sports betting now available on SMS



textKagwilawo which is a luganda word for instant cash is a new system that is set to be launched by SMS gaints Bluecube. The service will make it possible for you to do sports betting using SMS instead of lining up at betting houses.

The service is available to MTN customers who are registered on MTN Mobile Money according to the CEO Blue cube SMS Company Innocent Nahabwe.

Innocent says that for a customer to play, they ought to dial*289# and get the games that are up for betting. MTN Mobile money customers then choose the games that they want to bet on, put in thier phone number, and they will get a notification on their phone to complete the bet.

On how a participant gets his/her winnings, Innocent revealed that both the stakes and winnings are off your mobile money account. “The stakes are taken off your mobile money account and your account is directly credited with your winnings immediately,” he said.

The fixtures will be accessed after dialling *289# or directly on the kagwilawo website. For every game one chooses, the odds will be availed immediately on his/her mobile phone.

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“Vote for your favourite artistes to win in the #ZZINAwards this April. Visit; www.galaxyfm.co.ug or Vote on your phone by dialling *289*4# and follow prompts. Voting closes on April 26th 2014.”

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