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SONG REVIEW: Virgin by Mun*G.



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mung matoWhen he threw away his blankets and decided to trudge a lone road, everyone got a seat, watched and waited for him to see whether he will survive alone in this rugged jungle. But it seems Mun*G is slowly and dutifully making the doubters mince their barrage of words.

Formerly of Baboon Forest Entertainment, a label that literally announced him to the scene, but now of Kunta Kinte, Mun*G has a new single “Virgin”. It is an odd title, if you ask me. But then again, our musicians are fond of coining title names that effortlessly make a giraffe pee.

“Virgin”, odd as it is, comes off as a typical Mun*G track. He has mastered the art of comical oozing of words, over the years. And “virgin” is cut from that same comical cloth. He basically goes on the journey of looking for a virgin in this city which to me seems like going to Mars on foot, or looking for a pile of mud in a desert; it is hard, somewhat impossible. But he gets the tedious pursuit of a virgin and delivers it in his usual witty way aided by a catchy, danceable beat that not only keeps you on the flow, but also makes you nod your head vigorously. It is a dancehall song with a flicker of hip hop which momentarily puts it in its own category.

Mun*G, in his uniqueness, rattles on the song, speaks threw it; he churns out these satirical jibes but in a conversational way which renders you to ponder his musical maturity (if there is a word like that). Joining standup comedy wouldn’t be a bad move for him, but then again, that’s his style which he had, furthermore, rode on to go solo with, slung on his shoulders. “Virgin” is an awesome song, catchy too, but someone somewhere needs to pull up his socks to his waist if he has to keep his boat afloat in these musical waters with his legion of fans hanging onto every tune he pelts.

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