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Song Review: Filimu Ya Maziga(We Cry) – GNL ft Tamar





GNL Zamba

Rolling back the hands of time to when GNL Zamba would put in the picture stories of his life through rapping at DV8 and Sabrinas Pub, a few people cared about his talent. By then, hip-hop’s appreciation in the public was iota as it was related to violence and drug abuse hence not recommendable. GNL poetic manifestation of issues that circled the society was never given attention. Nevertheless, GNL’s inspiring rap style of rhymes and wordplay helped him to realize stardom. Since 2007, GNL has been swaggin on a wide rap subject.

In a world where violence, sex and rape characterize most territories, GNL Zamba uses his boastful poetry and speech skills over music to exhibit or mirror the forgotten itching issues that have seen a humble human race deteriorate innocently. On a moving concert ‘piano keys’ sound that plays over Tamar’s poignant  vocal hook, GNL pours his heart as he raps on unsafe sex and violence that is guided by a background orchestral violin that paints sorrow and pain on the song. Tamar’s vocal hooks attention you to listen to every pattern of the song. “We Cry’s” phenomenal production blends hi-hats, cowbells and a hard snare that naturally allows GNL to spit lines from bar-to-bar without distraction on any kick drum. He has done this before on “Story Ya Luka.”

GNL goes hard from one verse to another rhythmically blueprinting his style of poetry and spoken word. His art of blending lugaflow and English gives him backup to deliver an address of what non hip-hop heads are missing on the side of Uganda’s hip-hop industry. The expression of trying to reflect hip-hop as a subject to “Why people should go to school” and not “Why People should quit school” comes to pass. It’s evident that his third album “The Renaissance Album” will sound inimitable and rambunctious if that’s the focus it’s taking.


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