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Song Release: CAMPU by Tucker HD



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CAMPU is another single from Tucker HD of AirporTaxi, produced by the now unstoppable Samurae from Talentafrica Studios, being released under the Tucker Tuesday series, that saw the release of BURN in June this year.

A third year student at Makerere University Business School, Tucker HD explores the theme of the daily lifestyle of a campus student on this one, with his witty punchlines as expected and a rather laid back flow. 

Below are the lyrics to the song. You may sing along as you  listen in.

From Olympia, Valley Courts, to Nana, Ark & Akamwesi

The campus nightlife’s a Straka Mwezi
8 to noon, tweeting, whatsapping in the lecture room
The hardest part about tests? Sitting next to whom?
Guys talking slick, tryna lead your friends on
99% of those? They keep them in the friendzone
She’s something that you could have son, not that you are bad
You’re sweet but can’t compete with her sugar-dad
Outside her hostel, probably donning a Rolex watch
And your meal-time’s your only Rolex, watch
You got game but no match, its real evident
Walking that talk, like I should run for Guild President
Papers the next day, party the entire night
Leave for class, pull our pens out then we firefight
Sexual network, affection leads to sex and
Rather than risk infection, some opt to use protection
Listen please, while you split some trees, beers and pleasantries
AIDS is on the rise like tuition fees
This life aynt a joke, without money, how funny
Some after heights, and some jumping off the balcony
The sextapes, folks do what they’re determined to do
Lecturers striking, their payrise from the government due
Through it all you gotta focus, you don’t plan to see
Your Graduation turn into a Dark Twisted Fantasy..

MUBS waddup? MUK waddup?
MUBS waddup? Nkozi waddup?
I C U all in UCU
You know the rest, it’s The Taxi
Yeah, you aynt gotta ask me
Got Martha Smallz in the backseat
She just like it like that, see?
With LL this The Taxi, I’m OUT!

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Celebrity Gossip

EMOTIONAL FATHER’S DAY: Crysto Panda leaves fans in tears.



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By BigEyeUg Team

Its really a sorrowful Father’s Day to celebrate for the fans and followers of fabled stage MC, TV presenter and singer, Crysto Panda after he unmasked secret about the passing away of his baby, Aylinda Anah a few weeks back.

In his latest social media post, the NTV Presenter seemed obstreperous with the pain of his baby’s death that he has held for almost two weeks now after receiving wishes for a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ from his friends.

Here, Crysto revealed how his baby died of multiple seizure attacks that she contracted due to over fatigue during birth.

Thank you so much to whoever has wished me A Happy Father’s Day But unfortunately, I am so sorry to inform y’all that I lost my daughter Two weeks back. My baby got tired during delivery and because of that she got dead brain cells which caused multiple seizure attacks,” Crysto revealed.

The plan to save the baby’s life was started but since she was still young, the doctors couldn’t perform theatre activities because her skull was still soft to be operated, so they advised it would be done after two months.

Crysto Panda

Unfortunately, it was within this sophisticated period that the baby passed-on after just a month of patience because the seizures had accumulated and couldn’t be sustained in her head.

Because she was still young the doctors couldn’t operate her because her skull was still soft, so they suggested we hold up a bit longer she grows like we do the operation in two months.” But as you know the seizures became many and she couldn’t take it any longer so she passed on when she was a month old,” he wrote.

Panda says that because of his unbearable love for his job, he held the pain and maintained his job performance despite his heart burning under depression.

Many of you all have been asking me about her of late and I wasn’t brave enough to speak about it and that’s why also I wasn’t posting about her like before. Because of the love I gat for my job I kept on doing my shows as you’ve been seeing me on NTV with a huge wide smile as if everything is ok but deep down inside me I couldn’t stop crying and hurting,” Panda added.

He also appreciates to have exhaustively utilized the scanty days of happiness to show love to his own baby by posting about the baby all the time.

I used to post about her so many times not because I wanted to show off but apart from the excitement, Joy & Love I knew her days were numbered so I wanted to celebrate every minute she kept her breathe and though me & her had never met but she changed my life completely & I must say it was good experience. Me & her Mum we fighting so hard to recover but all in all it goes back to God, He gives and takes,” Crysto further stated.

Crysto Panda’s deceased baby, Aylinda Anah

The ‘Kyoyina Omanya’ hitmaker also urges all men to give their best support and take-on responsibilities as fathers to their children regardless of the status of their relationships with their wives.

Let this be a lesson to every boy or man out there please be proud of your babies ,show them off , give them your attention don’t neglect them it doesn’t matter who the mother is coz a baby is a baby no matter how the mother looks like or whether you guys are still together or not and she / he will forever be your blood.

“Always take on the responsibility of being a father and never be afraid of how the public will receive you and if you’re a celebrity please be proud of your babies show them off as you want coz your loyal fans will always support you,” Panda added.

He further revealed how he gained more respect and fans after he announced that his girlfriend had birthed him a baby and he was ready to take-on the responsibility as a father.

When I posted about my baby I gained more fans than I had before why coz sensible people love people who always take on their responsibilities not matter how old you’re. R.I.P @aylindanah Me & Mum we miss u so much 
#happyfathersday my in-laws thank you sooo much,
” he ended.

Rest In Peace Baby Aylindanah!

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Celebrity Gossip

FINALLY: Bad Black has received her money



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Staff Writer

City Socialite Bad Black has finally received her money. The motormouthed mother of 3 who took part in a campaign to sensitize girls about the dangers of coronavirus has been paid today.

Black who for weeks has been making noise for whoever cares to here confirmed to us today that she has her money and is happy.

Bad Black

It all started when she shot the ad under Precision Media and later demanded 500 million yet there was no paperwork signed for this. The ministry who were the client for this said that there was no arrangement for Black to be paid and so did the agency called Precision Media.

Black went haywire on the internet, saying that she had been used and now the owners of the ad were claiming that this was her voluntary contribution to the fight against COVID19.

Yesterday, after so much noise had been made, NRM Mobilizer and Radio 4 owner, Promoter Balaam gave her an audience together with her lawyers. An agreement was signed and Black would receive her money today.

Today, the undisclosed sum of money which was packed in hard cash in a boz was handed over to the city socialite who seemed very happy to receive her money.

Black on receiving the money and signing for it said that; “I am signing for my money. I have received the money after 2 weeks. The supporters of NRM worked together to make sure I got my payment. I don’t have any shilling am demanding now. I will not cause any fracas anymore. We have made an agreement and I have been paid. I have nothing bad to say about president Museveni. I have the money now and it is very heavy. I got cash, not cheque, I always want my money in cash. Thank you very much.”

Congrats Bad Black.

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Celebrity Gossip

VIDEO: Sexy Lynda Ddane makes appearance in B2C’s new song ‘Munda Awo’



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By BigEyeUg Team

The B2C’s (Kampala Boys) ‘Munda Awo’ fresh release this week is earning a impressive reception from both radio and TV airwaves.

It has come to our notice that, not only the song quality but also the video is scooping enormous attention and delight from the public after NTV Uganda’s presenter, Lynda Ddane featuring in it.

It’s no doubt that Lynda is currently the main talk in the entertainment industry for countless reasons that predominantly men would table and maybe, a few women to spice it up.

Lynda Ddane

One among these are, her gorgeousness, eloquent possessiveness, versatility that have obtained her a reputable position better place above her contenders of this generation.

In this video, Lynda showa off her weapons emphasized with a typical sense of style and seductive dance moves, it being a love song.

As often known for never disappointing when it comes to dressing, popular city fashionista, Abryanz did execute trendy sessions more than anyone expected for Lynda and the music trio.

This dress code outrightly merged Lynda’s brown body that would suddenly invite anyone to an intimate moment with her.

‘Munda Awo’ is in Luganda local language to mean ‘Inside there’ and the song derives a message of a better place where someone in love desires to be in his/her partner’s life.

Written by the Kampala boys themselves, the song production was satisfied with a production from, Nessim Pan (Shot Gun Studios) and the furnishing done by Anel Tunes.

The self-proclaimed ‘God’s Last borns’ clearly highlighted their sentence in this project as they preferred visuals from video director ‘Aaronaire on set’.

Munda Awo is currently, trending in the 8th position of the most viewed videos on YouTube in Uganda.

Apparently, Lynda is keen on continuously enrolling her unsung gift in the video vixen plot.

Watch Munda Awo video by B2C here;

Way to go Lynda Ddane!

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Entertainment News

Why MTN Uganda Delivered First Ever Online Zzina Awards



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Staff Writer

A week after the Zzina awards ceremony, the number of views has almost doubled as Ugandan music lovers from all over the world continue to watch the awarding ceremony that appreciates Ugandan music. For the first time ever, the seventh edition of the awards were held online due to the social distancing guideline that prohibits public gatherings as a way of preventing the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Despite the grim situation occasioned by the pandemic, Ugandans cast their worries aside and took to the various online platforms to enjoy a spirited and entertaining award ceremony that spanned 3 hours and forty minutes of nothing but pure fun and entertainment.

The show had 22,000 live viewers across all the platforms on which it was broadcasted live, such as; the MTN, Talent Africa and Galaxy FM facebook pages. By press time, the show had 400,000 views.

While announcing the artiste of the year, Sen Somdev, the MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer said that MTN was delighted to put a smile on Ugandans faces during these hard times as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are trying to keep people happy in these troubled times. So any contribution that we can make to keep the smiles going makes us feel proud so we are here to sponsor people’s smiles through music,” said Somdev before announcing Eddy Kenzo as the artiste of the year.

Dr Innocent Nahabwe, the proprietor of Galaxy FM the radio station that hosts the annual music awards appreciated MTN for supporting the Ugandan music industry over the years.

“This is the second year that they have directly sponsored the Zzina awards.  These awards are all about the love of Ugandan music and we appreciate our relationship with MTN on this,” Nahabwe said.

He noted that as the main sponsors of the awards ceremony, MTN Uganda took care of the production, shooting and videography to ensure that Ugandan music fans enjoy the online awards show.

“A lot of artistes and fans are very happy with the awards and although they were online, as lovers and supporters of Ugandan music, we achieved what we set out to achieve and even more,” Nahabwe said. 

While announcing the Luga flow artiste of the year who happened to be Fefe Busi, Jimmy Ssempuuma the marketing manager central region at MTN Uganda mentioned MTN’s support towards music and specifically rap music with MTN Pulse Rap battles an initiative which was concluded early this year as well as sponsoring the HipHop awards for the last three years, among many other music- related initiatives.

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