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Socialite Williams Bugeme and friends fly out on private jet



By Reporter

Socialites have come and gone. Tycoons have littered the streets of Kampala with money, and disappeared as soon as they are known. And yet socialite Williams Bugeme alias Boss Mutoto has stood the test of time. He has established himself in Uganda as a timeless socialite. He has kept the cool without necessarily flaunting his money. The trick? He never tries so hard. But once in a while, something happens that reminds Ugandans of the big shot that he is.

And more recently, it has been how he and two friends flew out of the country on a private jet to attend a meeting. Of course the media didn’t jump onto it. Because they know that a private jet is a normal thing for Bugeme.

News reaching our desk has it that Williams Bugeme flew out of the country with friends and business partners Allan and Desh. Though it is not known where they were flying to, and why, rumor has it that the trio was flying to a business meeting with a Tanzanian government big wig.

Williams Bugeme also recently opened up a saloon that he named Boss Mutoto Saloon, his franchise name. The socialite also has a bar named Chezz Boss Mutoto in Bunga that has caught the eyes of many for its simplicity in elegance.

That he got onto a private jet to attend a business meeting is not as big a story as his journey from grass to grace. And yet it seems he is still growing, and it is too early to tell the rest of his story.We can only watch from a distance and wish him well.


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