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Socialite Sue Ochola spotted with Angella Katatumba’s boyfriend



By Edwin Junior

City socialite and Judith Heard’s right-hand person Sue Ochola was recently spotted with little known rapper Newton aka NTO who has recently been in the spotlight because of her attachment to humanitarian and singer Angella Katatumba. Rapper Newton and Angella Katatumba are said to be dating.

Ochola and NTO were snapped at one of the city hang outs. We have been tipped that the city socialite could actually have sinister motives. Our sources reveal that what seemed like merely a light moment could actually be a launch pad for something more.

Not that we are ones to preach doom, but then again most relationships are sparked off with a simple hi.

We can only hope this is not so close to the painful truth.

Sue Ochola-NTO

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