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Social Media influencer Methia Nabawanda now a Business owner



With social media being a big use in uganda lately, many companies and brands have adapted to using social media influencers to market their items and products. In this case, individuals who decided to grow a following on social media have attained jobs and are making serious money.

My job as a social media influencer became serious in the year 2019 when clients started approaching me and were paying me good money. In the long run, I managed to pay my bills, feed myself and spoil myself at the time. I am happy to say my savings have made this shop “Methia Cinderella’s closet” possible.” Says Methia Lydia, the new business owner.

We came across on Twitter saying “At the start of this year, I prayed to God to bless me with a business and I am happy my baby is finally here!🤩

Methia Cinderella’s Closet @Cinderellas256 I will be selling bags, shoes and all different accessories.

📍 Ntinda, SN PLAZA RM 31

Come and support my hustle!❤️🙏
Looks like she has made a fortune in the influencing business

Influencers have been dragged for their noise making on social media but looks like it’s bigger than that. The noise has paid off!

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