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Skirt Trends To Take On, After The Death Of The Mini.



bandage skirtBy Gloria Haguma

So, the anti-mini skirt bill has finally been signed. This may seat well with your Ssenga since she will not have to strain her voice anymore asking you not to wear those very little skirts that you love dearly.

However, all hope isn’t lost. And believe me ladies; we don’t need the mini skirt to dress up in a sexy way.

With the ever revolving trends, there is always something out there to substitute with your mini.

Here are a few trends that you could try on to replace the mini.

The midi-style skirt.

This skirt goes mid-way your calves and, and is a great way to pull off a perfect skirt look. The skirt can be worn as a high waist, and then tucked in. It’s perfect for a formal clean look, and will give you a well finished off look. Have these in all textures and colours.

The asymmetrical skirt.

The asymmetrical skirts are a hot trend right now, and are even being worn on the red carpet. Even though this item makes a statement of its own, you need to set it up with some nice e accessories, and top. Go for a more sleek pair of shoes.

The bandage skirt.

So I am not sure whether this new bill also prohibits wearing very tight clothes, but once in a while, when the cops are off duty, feel free to try on a bandage skirts. These usually come with matching cropped tops and are a sure way to pull off the sexy, but still sleek look.

The skater skirt.

Its chic, its trendy, and it’s definitely not a mini! Anyway, now that the mini skirt has been put on the black list, you could go out and invest in a few skater skirts. These skirts are a sure way, to cool off, and show off those sexy legs, without having to look out for any cops coming your way to arrest you!


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