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Six safe s-x positions during pregnancy




Got a sex drive that’s spiking with all those pregnancy hormones? Here are six pregnancy-safe positions — try one tonight!

Imagine going 9 months without sex. Wait, why would you ever want to do that? Pregnancy doesn’t mean sex is out of the question.

In fact, that’s when many women find themselves wanting it more than ever.

So, sex and the pregnant woman. The first thing to say is that it is perfectly safe for you and your baby. I don’t advise swinging from chandeliers as you go into the third trimester, but most things are admissible. It is also a good excuse to experiment with some new positions.

There are several positions for pregnant women that are both comfortable and safe. So if you haven’t already tried them, go for it.

Woman on Top
Lower yourself onto your partner, either facing him or facing his feet. Many women find their nipples are incredibly sensitive when they’re pregnant, so if you’re facing him, make sure he kisses them.

The New Missionary Position
The classic missionary position obviously doesn’t work with a bump, but this one does. You lie on your back, knees drawn back with your feet resting on your partner’s chest, or with your legs straight up and resting against your partner (a good hamstring stretch this one). Your partner kneels between your legs to enter you, so there is no weight on your stomach. You might find it more comfortable with a pillow under your bottom

Side by Side
You and your partner lie side by side, facing each other. You can drape your left over your partner’s body. This is not really very practical in the third trimester as the bump gets in the way.

You lie on your side, in a curled position. Your partner lies behind you and enters you from behind. Penetration is shallow, so this can be a comfortable position during late pregnancy.

From Behind
You are on all fours on the bed (or wherever), leaning down on pillows with your partner kneeling and entering you from behind. Or, try bending over the bed (supported by pillows) with your partner standing and entering from behind. This is what is medically termed a maximum penetration position, so do tell your partner if it gets painful.

In this position, you straddle your partner while he is sitting on a sturdy, comfortable chair or on the edge of the bed. You can also sit in an armchair, upright or leaning back slightly, with your legs around your partner, who is kneeling in front of you.

Source: ivillage.com 

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