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Sitya Loss’ Alex Ssempija Memorial on tomorrow



By BigEyeUg Team

Tomorrow is the day when all Sitya Loss aka Triplet Dancers fans will gather together for a memorial of fallen star Alex Ssempijja. The memorial which will take place at Kibibi Makulungo Butambala will also be used as an opportunity for setting up a monument for the fallen star.

In a message sent to us, the Sitya Loss dancer’s manager, Mr. Kavuma Dauda, invited us to attend the event which will happen at 10am. “You are invited for the placement of a monument and memorial for the late Alex Sempijja on tomorrow. Your presence to this occasion will be highly valued.”

Alex Ssempijja died at an early age of 15 years in November 2015. The talented dancer was enjoying a bicycle ride with fellow dancer, Patricia when the ride lost control and hit them straight in a concrete wall. He died shortly after. Patricia survived with severe injuries.

We will keep you posted.

RIP Alex Ssempijja

RIP Alex Ssempijja

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