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Sipapa is threatening to kill me — Chameleone



Jose Chameleone

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The relationship between singer Jose Chameleone and music promoter Sipapa has continued to deteriorate. This after Sipapa allegedly tried to break up Chameleone’s family recently.

The “Wale Wale” star has now retaliated by exposing Sipapa as a criminal. Chameleone claims Sipapa is a burglar who has for long terrorized city suburbs.

“From the day I knew Sipapa was a burglar, he got uncomfortable and we lost the logistics of friendship,” he revealed. “It’s sad it’s all been interpreted in the name of a family conflict! Yes. Daniella ain’t happy with some of my ways but above all I am not going to be belittled by a thief, Burglar, posing as a boss to disguise himself in my family issues.” 

“Sipapa has terrorized Prince Charles avenue Kololo and should put effort to prove me wrong. I was your friend and never knew you break into people’s houses for a living. That’s why I asked my wife to stay away from you.” He added.

Chameleone further revealed that Sipapa has been threatening to kill him after he found out the truth. He said, “Sipapa and your gang threatening to kill me is a joke. I dare you!”

Meanwhile, Chameleone’s war with Sipapa is said to have started after they clashed over a woman.  This did not sit well  with Sipapa  who decided to involve the singer’s wife. He allegedly revealed Chameleone’s philandering ways to Daniella, breaking all hell loose.

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