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Twenty six lucky Ugandans who won a once in a life time trip to Brazil courtesy of Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) have returned home in excitement and with a lot of tales from their unforgettable experience following their 5 day trip to Sao Paulo.

Under the Sip Sip Samba campaign launched in April 2014, the company sought to reward consumers with an opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of Brazil. Twenty six of forty winners were able to submit the right documentation on time and travelled to Brazil last week.

sip sip

One of the winners in the Sip Sip Samba campaign

The contingent of winners set off for Brazil on 7th July via Johannesburg and while in transit spent a day in South Africa at the re-knownedEmperor’s Palace in Johannesburg; a luxurious abodethat combines timeless classical elegance and sheer excitement. The winners were treated to luxurious accommodation and entertainmentat the enchanting facility.

On arrival in Sao Paulo, the winners were checked into the Bourbon Convention Hotel, one of the city’s finest hotels that also played host to severaltournament officials during the month long football bonanza.

While in Sao Paulo, the winners embarked on a tour of the  Central Business District,visiting sites such as thePraca de sesquareconsidered to be the city’s majesticcentral point, where the distance of all roads passing through São Paulo are counted. The square has been the location of many historic events in São Paulo’s history, most notably the civil unrest movement in 1984 which achieved direct presidential elections in Brazil.

The winners also visited the world famous Rua 25 Marco, a divine shopping district in Sao Paulo where you can literally buy anything, with a huge number of stores and vendors spread across the entire stretch.TheRua 25 Marco is amongst the world’s busiest shopping districtsand comes to life especially at night.

They also had a chance to indulge in sumptuous traditional Brazilian Cuisine at theMercado Municipally and got to interact with the locals and football fans from across the globe in a trip that can only be described as incredible.

Isaac Fred Mukobe, one of the winners of the trip, on return could not hide his excitement as he narrated he relived experience.

“This was a great experience, one that was worthwhile. Right from the arrival, everything was so beautiful and the city…it was awesome. We had a rare opportunity to interact with some of the managers of the Argentina national team because some of them were residing in the same hotel as us,” he said.

He added that the visit was a timely one as it gave them (the winners) the chance to witness the excitement and fanfare that has for long characterized the Brazilian community.

“Never in my lifetime had I or any member of the traveling contingent dreamt of traveling to Brazil. We would have never been able to meet the travel expenses. I would like to thank Uganda Breweries for this once in a lifetime opportunity,” Mukobe gloated.

The Sip Sip Samba campaign has so far provided the biggest travel offering by any company in Uganda’s recent past.

Robert Nsibirwa, Bell Brand Manager said, “We are pleased to have concluded the Sip Sip Samba promotion in a prodigious way through a fulfilling and memorabletrip to our loyal consumers”.

Brazil is the world’s sixth-largest economy with Rio de Janeiro named among the top 20 holiday destinations of 2013. It is by far the World’s cultural hub and is famed for its Carnivals where for one whole week, the streets are engrossed in larger- than- life floats, exhilarating music, and provocative people.

Nsibirwaalso thanked everyone who participated in the campaign and promised that there will be bigger and better opportunities to consumers by Uganda Breweries Limited through upcoming promotions.

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