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Singer Walukagga denies having kid outside marriage.



A woman identified as Aisha Namugerwa has iver the years called upon singer Walukagga to give support to her after she gave birth to a baby that she claims is child to the Kadongo kamu singer Walukagga. Walukagga is said to have sent 30,000Ugx to help with essentials after too much pressure was mounted in him.

However, the singer has made a U-turn on Aisha deniying that he has ever sired a kid with her. “That child is not mine. She was lover to one of my dancers and I think they should sort their issues” Walukagga refuted. When the dancer in question a in Twaha was reached he too denied acxusarions.

Aisha still remains in confusion on who is the right up father though she insists it’s Walukagga.

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