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Singer Van Data offers Presidential candidate John Katumba 2M as he marks 33rd birthday, unveils plans for the year and album release is top priority



By Stuart G-Khast

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Olimuyaye singer Isaiah Aine aka Van Data has today marked his 33rd birthday in style. The Ugandan singer whobis currently in Holland has revealed his plans ahead of the new year for him but also has sent a wors to presidential candidate John Katumba. “I admire his courage. He is struggling with financially but he has proved he is upto the task” the singer remarked. Van Data has also offered Katumba upto 2 million shillings to aid his campaign trail.

Van Data has also revealed he will be dropping his new 7-track album.

Besides Music, Van Data has also announced that he will be launching his new Company, Expert Local Africa aimed at helping, supporting, promoting and developing Youths’ small business and initiatives mostly in the line of Arts.

Van Data will also be celebrating the day with about 35 disadvantaged children in Uganda. The singer has planned to feed them.

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