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Singer Shakirah finally speaks out on Nina and Andre alleged broken relationship



By Reporter

Singer Shakirah who is in the middle of Nina Roz and Daddy Andre splitting speaks out about the whole saga and revealed shocking information about the couple.

According to the America based singer, she is not happy with how fans and media are trying to put her in the middle of a relationship she has no clue about and that Andre was just a producer she worked with but due to how his wife Nina Roz’s behavior whenever she found Shakira in studio with the hubby was very unpleasing a thing that forced her to even stop working with Andre.

Shakira revealed that Daddy Andre approached her through a mutual friend, and requested to produce for her two songs, one of which is already out titled Celeb, their studio session in Kyanja had always been hectic, she says. Her Booty and curves never left Nina settled, as she was always sitting with the husband during the recording to avoid any mess from him a thing that made Shakira uncomfortable with the treatment and had to find her way out.

However Daddy Andre realizing this had to look for a plan B with Hope’s of catching the fish. He calls the American and requests her to join him at a new studio in Munyonyo, without Nina Knowing where they had to record the second song, without making the wife uncomfortable at the home studio.

I never like to be in a middle of Daddy Andre’s relationship or any other” Shakirah stated, I am in a relationship and I respect my Man, I can’t be in such saga and if Daddy Andre had any hopes of making his Usual Andre Moves as we know, this was a fail.” she added

The two are planning on releasing their second Collaboration later this year, so the fans better be ready for “Another One

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