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Singer Katiiti drops EP ‘Transome Katiiti’ Here is all you need to know



Rising artist Katiiti is touching the top with his highly anticipated debut EP titled “Transome Katiiti” which hit the airwaves today. The excited singer-songwriter unveiled the news about the EP dropping today on his social medias

The alluring Canada based Ugandan singer and activist is an artist who exudes confidence and ambition with his distinct and captivating vocal delivery on the EP, bringing forth a relatable and amazing piece of work.

His five-track EP is the result of his growth as an artist nurtured by self-development and his impressive talent.

Personally, I misplaced who I thought was I would belittle myself and not step into my power I was lost At the end, I found myself and this project is about finding yourself and becoming the person you are meant to be and not changing for anybody.” The singer lamented after the release of the EP

The songs on the EP include – One Love, I am Still Here, Mama, Grateful and Be Ma Baby

Here is how you can listen to the EP https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNP98v1izYGaLrUmVkia63fGEyPWCtlXkhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNP98v1izYGaLrUmVkia63fGEyPWCtlXk

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